19V/7.89A 150W HP Omni 100 MS200 MS218CN HSTNN-LA09 462603-001 PA-1151-03 AC Replacement Adapter

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    19V/7.89A 150W HP Omni 100 MS200 MS218CN HSTNN-LA09 462603-001 PA-1151-03 AC Replacement Adapter


    • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
    • Output Voltage: 19V
    • Output Current: 7.89A
    • Wattage: 150W
    • Compatible devices: Laptop
    • Connector: 7.4mm*5.0mm
    • Color: Black
    • Power Source: Corded Electric
    • Product Dimensions: 21.34 x 14.48 x 3.81 cm
    • Weight: 324 Grams


    462603-001, 463954-001, 497288-001, 519333-001, 585010-001, 600081-001, 608429-001, 613156-001, 693707-001, AL192AA, HSTNN-LA09, PA-1151-03, PA-1151-03HH, PA-1151-03HR, PA-1151-03HV


    All-in-One 200-5020    , Omni CTO 220-1150XT REFURB         , TouchSmart 600-1210meEUROR3      , TouchSmart 600-1346dA/P

    All-in-One 200-5110    Pavilion 23-1010tAll-in-One CTO         TouchSmart 600-1210nl Rfrbd TouchSmart 600-1348dSING

    All-in-One 200-5110fr Pavilion 23-1014All-in-One      TouchSmart 600-1210plPOL    TouchSmart 600-1350aAUST

    All-in-One 200-5120jp Pavilion 23-1015All-in-One      TouchSmart 600-1210ptPORT TouchSmart 600-1360jpJPN2

    All-in-One 200-5251    Pavilion 23-1018cn AiO           TouchSmart 600-1210ruRUSS  TouchSmart 600-1370aAUST

    ENVY 20-d011TouchSmart AIO           Pavilion 23-1027cAll-in-One    TouchSmart 600-1210saMEASTA         TouchSmart 600-1370JPJPN2

    ENVY 23-1050jp All-in-One PC JPN2   TouchSmaet 600-1068hk         TouchSmart 600-1210scNRL   TouchSmart 600-1388hkHK

    ENVY 23-1065 All-in-One Desktop PC TouchSmaet 600-1088hk         TouchSmart 600-1210ukUK     TouchSmart 600-1390aAUST

    ENVY 23-1070jp All-in-One PC JPN2   TouchSmart 320-1020m CTO  TouchSmart 600-1220chSWIS2            TouchSmart 600-1390JPJPN2

    ENVY All-in-One 23-1060 Desktop PC TouchSmart 320-1034 TouchSmart 600-1220deGR     TouchSmart 600-1410chSWIS2

    ENVY All-in-One 23-1070 Desktop PC TouchSmart 320-1050 TouchSmart 600-1220esSP      TouchSmart 600-1410eaINTL

    HDX X18-1100     TouchSmart 520-1020         TouchSmart 600-1220frFR       TouchSmart 600-1410esSP

    HDX X18-1200     TouchSmart 600-1005t CTO            TouchSmart 600-1220grGRK   TouchSmart 600-1410frFR

    HDX X18-1300     TouchSmart 600-1010br     TouchSmart 600-1220itITL       TouchSmart 600-1410huHUNG

    Omni 100-6100br Desktop PC TouchSmart 600-1038d           TouchSmart 600-1220la           TouchSmart 600-1410nlNL

    Omni 100-6100ix PC INDIA     TouchSmart 600-1050ch         TouchSmart 600-1220meEUROR3       TouchSmart 600-1410ptPORT

    Omni 100-6100t CTO Desktop PC       TouchSmart 600-1050pt          TouchSmart 600-1220nlNL      TouchSmart 600-1410ruRUSS

    Omni 100-6100T CTO REFURB TouchSmart 600-1068cn         TouchSmart 600-1220ruRUSS  TouchSmart 600-1410ukUK

    Omni 100-6110a PC AUST       TouchSmart 600-1098hk         TouchSmart 600-1220saMEASTA         TouchSmart 600-1420adADR

    Omni 100-6110br Desktop PC TouchSmart 600-1100kr          TouchSmart 600-1220scNRL   TouchSmart 600-1420esSP

    Omni 100-6110d PC SING       TouchSmart 600-1140ch         TouchSmart 600-1220uk Rfrbd            TouchSmart 600-1420meEUROR3

    Omni 100-6110ix PC INDIA     TouchSmart 600-1140me        TouchSmart 600-1236dSING   TouchSmart 600-1420ruRUSS

    Omni 100-6110jp PC JPN2      TouchSmart 600-1140uk         TouchSmart 600-1238dSING   TouchSmart 600-1420ukUK

    Omni 100-6110kr PC KOR       TouchSmart 600-1150a           TouchSmart 600-1260jpJPN2  TouchSmart 600-1430esSP

    Omni 100-6112l PC PHILI        TouchSmart 600-1152 TouchSmart 600-1268CNPRC  TouchSmart 610-1030 PC US

    Omni 100-6118d PC SING       TouchSmart 600-1160gr          TouchSmart 600-1268hkHK     TouchSmart 610-1030y

    Omni 100-6120in PC INDIA     TouchSmart 600-1160uk        

    TouchSmart 600-1270dTHAI    TouchSmart 610-1030y PC FCAN

    Omni 100-6128hk PC HK         TouchSmart 600-1188hk         TouchSmart 600-1270jpJPN2  TouchSmart 610-1031f

    Omni 100-6130jp PC JPN2      TouchSmart 600-1200krKOR   TouchSmart 600-1280inINDIA TouchSmart 610-1031f PC US

    Omni 100-6150d PC A/P         TouchSmart 600-1205frFR       TouchSmart 600-1288CNPRC  TouchSmart 610-1032f

    Omni 100-6160l PC THAI         TouchSmart 600-1205itITL       TouchSmart 600-1288hkHK     TouchSmart 610-1032f PC US

    Omni 105 PC        TouchSmart 600-1205plPOL           TouchSmart 600-1290aAUST   TouchSmart 610-1050 PC FCAN

    Omni 105-5131CX PC PRC      TouchSmart 600-1205ukUK     TouchSmart 600-1290jpJPN2  TouchSmart 610-1050y PC FCAN

    Omni 105-5132CX PC PRC      TouchSmart 600-1210afNWAFR          TouchSmart 600-1300krKOR   TouchSmart 610-1130f Desktop PC

    Omni 105-5133CX PC PRC      TouchSmart 600-1210beEUROA4        TouchSmart 600-1310esSP      TouchSmart 610-1130y Desktop PC

    Omni 105-5138CX PC PRC      TouchSmart 600-1210chSWIS2            TouchSmart 600-1310frFR       TouchSmart 610-1147c PC

    Omni 105-5139CX PC PRC      TouchSmart 600-1210deGR     TouchSmart 600-1310itITL       TouchSmart CTO 600-1150QD

    Omni 200-5355    TouchSmart 600-1210es Rfrbd        TouchSmart 600-1320esSP      TouchSmart IQ524

    Omni 200-5400T CTO REFURB TouchSmart 600-1210esSP      TouchSmart 600-1320itITL       TouchSmart IQ526

    Omni 200-5450XT CTO REFURB           TouchSmart 600-1210fr Rfrbd  TouchSmart 600-1320twTW    TouchSmart IQ526t CTO

    Omni 220-1050XT CTO            TouchSmart 600-1210frFR       TouchSmart 600-1320ukUK     TouchSmart IQ527

    Omni 305 PC        TouchSmart 600-1210grGRK           TouchSmart 600-1330jpJPN2  TouchSmart IQ546t CTO

    Omni 305-5319CN      TouchSmart 600-1210itITL       TouchSmart 600-1344dSING  

    We offer the best price for 19V/7.89A 150W HP Omni 100 MS200 MS218CN HSTNN-LA09 462603-001 PA-1151-03 AC Replacement Adapter in UAE.

    Buy now with the best price!

    AED: 140.0

    Compatible Part Number


    Compatible Model Number

    Omni 305-5319CN TouchSmart 600-1210itITL TouchSmart 600-1344dSING

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