SR03XL HP Envy X360 Series, Envy 17-BW0000NA, Pavilion 15-CX0026TX Laptop Battery

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  • Warranty 

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    We use the highest quality lithium-polymer batteries that charge faster and last longer.
    The High quality laptop battery operates above 600 charge-discharge cycle. Our batteries are made up of high-grade cells and highest quality parts that are safe for your device. Higher quality cells mean they charge faster and last longer. Our battery perfectly fits in your device also it is compatible replacement for size and appearance. The battery has passed quality check procedures including safety testing. We offer the best quality in competitive price rates for the replacement batteries.

  • About this Battery
  • 1. Before normal use of the new battery, discharge the capacity to about 10%, then fill the cycle 3-4 times. Be careful not to discharge to 0%. This will make the battery more fragile.

    2. When using the battery, recharge it immediately when it runs out. If you do not charge the battery for a long time, the battery may be damaged, so be careful with exposure and moisture.

    3. Do not disassemble, crush or puncture the battery. Do not throw the battery into fire or water.

    4. If you do not use the battery for a long time, you need to charge it 70% or more and store it, the storage period should not exceed 3 months, and if you do not use it for more than 3 months, you need to fill the power.

  • Disclaimer
  • Disclaimer:

    1. The batteries and charger sold by our company are replacements, which can be used with certain products of computer manufacturers.

    2. Any referenced product names, Images or trademarks of such companies is merely for the purpose of identifying the match between our batteries and their machines.

    3. Our company and this website are not affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributed by these original computer manufacturers, nor are these products (replacement) in our website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of any of such manufacturers.

    SR03XL HP Envy X360 Series, Envy 17-BW0000NA, Pavilion 15-CX0026TX Laptop Battery


    • Battery Type: Li-io
    • Capacity: 4550 mAh (52.5Wh)
    • Voltage: 11.55
    • Battery cells: 6-cell
    • Grade A cells battery: 500+ recharge cycles over
    • Charging Time: Up to 3.5 hours
    • Compatible devices: Laptop
    • Color: Black
    • Product Dimensions: 20.2 x 3.3 x 2.1 cm
    • Weight: 372 Grams


    3ICP6/60/72, 917678-1B1, 917678-271, 917678-2B1 , 917724-855, 917724-856, HSTNN-DB7W, HSTNN-DB8Q, HSTNN-IB7Z, HSTNN-IB8L, HSTNN-LBBF, L08855-855, L08855-856, L08934-1B1, L08934-2B1, L08934-2B2, L08934-2C1, L08934-2C2, SR03052XL, SR03XL, TPNC133, TPN-C133, TPN-C134, TPN-Q193, TPN-Q194, TPN-Q211


    15-CX0056WM Pavilion 15-CX0083TX  Pavilion 17-CD0044TX Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0036TX

    15-CX0058TX   Pavilion 15-CX0084TX  Pavilion 17-CD0045TX Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0037TX

    15-CX0058WM Pavilion 15-CX0085TX  Pavilion 17-CD0046UR Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0038TX

    15-CX0059TX   Pavilion 15-CX0086NR Pavilion 17-CD0047TX Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0039TX

    15-CX0060TX   Pavilion 15-CX0086TX  Pavilion 17-CD0048UR Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0040NR

    15-CX0061TX   Pavilion 15-CX0087TX  Pavilion 17-CD0049NF Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0040TX

    15-CX0062TX   Pavilion 15-CX0088TX  Pavilion 17-CD0050UR Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0041TX

    15-DC0091CL  Pavilion 15-CX0089TX  Pavilion 17-CD0052NB Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0042TX

    4NL20UT         Pavilion 15-CX0090TX  Pavilion 17-CD0052NF Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0043NE

    Envy 15-CP0000 X360  Pavilion 15-CX0091TX  Pavilion 17-CD0052UR

    Envy 17-BW0000         Pavilion 15-CX0092TX  Pavilion 17-CD0054UR

    Envy 17-BW0000NA    Pavilion 15-CX0093TX  Pavilion 17-CD0056NF

    Envy 17-BW0001NC     Pavilion 15-CX0094TX  Pavilion 17-CD0058UR

    Envy 17-BW0001NG    Pavilion 15-CX0095TX  Pavilion 17-CD0060UR

    Envy 17-BW0001NI      Pavilion 15-CX0096TX  Pavilion 17-CD0061NF

    Envy 17-BW0002NG    Pavilion 15-CX0097TX  Pavilion 17-CD0061UR

    Envy 17-BW0003NA    Pavilion 15-CX0098TX  Pavilion 17-CD0062UR

    Envy 17-BW0003NG    Pavilion 15-CX0099TX  Pavilion 17-CD0065UR

    Envy 17-BW0003SA     Pavilion 15-CX0100TX  Pavilion 17-CD0066UR

    Envy 17-BW0004NA    Pavilion 15-CX0101TX  Pavilion 17-CD0067UR

    Envy 17-BW0007NM    Pavilion 15-CX0102TX  Pavilion 17-CD0071NF

    Envy 17-BW0007UR     Pavilion 15-CX0103TX  Pavilion 17-CD0072NB

    Envy 17-BW0008CA     Pavilion 15-CX0104TX  Pavilion 17-CD0078NF

    Envy 17-BW0011NR     Pavilion 15-CX0105TX  Pavilion 17-CD0079NF

    Envy 17-BW0100         Pavilion 15-CX0106TX  Pavilion 17-CD0085CL

    Envy 17-BW0100NG    Pavilion 15-CX0107TX  Pavilion 17-CD0085NIA

    Envy 17-BW0101NG    Pavilion 15-CX0108TX  Pavilion 17-CD0089NIA

    Envy 17-BW0200NG    Pavilion 15-CX0109TX  Pavilion 17-CD0095NR


    We offer the best price for SR03XL HP Envy X360 Series, Envy 17-BW0000NA, Pavilion 15-CX0026TX Laptop Battery in UAE.

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    AED: 160.0

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    Compatible Part Number


    Compatible Model Number

    Envy X360 15-CN1001TX Pavilion 15-DC0010CA Pavilion 17-CD0233NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0097TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0072NB Envy X360 15-CN1002NG Pavilion 15T-CX0000 Pavilion 17-CD0250NIA Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0098TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0078NF Envy X360 15-CN1003TX Pavilion 17-CD Pavilion 17-CD0256NIA Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0099TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0079NF Envy X360 15-CN1004NG Pavilion 17-CD0000NG Pavilion 17-CD0257NIA Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0100TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0085CL Envy X360 15-CN1004TX Pavilion 17-CD0000NM Pavilion 17-CD0300 Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0101TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0085NIA Envy X360 15-CN1005TX Pavilion 17-CD0000NS Pavilion 17-CD0300NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0102TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0089NIA Envy X360 15-CN1007TX Pavilion 17-CD0000NT Pavilion 17-CD0301NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0103TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0095NR Envy X360 15-CN1009NG Pavilion 17-CD0000NU Pavilion 17-CD0311NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0104TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0100 Envy X360 15-CN1010NR Pavilion 17-CD0000NW Pavilion 17-CD0316NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0105TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0100ND Envy X360 15-CN1030CL Pavilion 17-CD0000NZ Pavilion 17-CD0355NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0106TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0102NC Envy X360 15-CN1055CL Pavilion 17-CD0001NB Pavilion 17-CD0410NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0107TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0107NF Envy X360 15-CN1400NG Pavilion 17-CD0001NC Pavilion 17-CD0415NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0108TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0108NG Envy X360 15-CN1600 Pavilion 17-CD0001NK Pavilion 17-CD0460NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0109TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0109NG Envy X360 15-CN1600NZ Pavilion 17-CD0001NP Pavilion 17-CD0506NA Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0110TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0110NG Envy X360 15-CN1800 Pavilion 17-CD0001NS Pavilion 17-CD0506SA Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0111TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0112NG Envy X360 15-CN1800NZ Pavilion 17-CD0001NT Pavilion 17-CD0525NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0112NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0114NG Envy X360 15-CP0000 Pavilion 17-CD0001UR Pavilion 17-CD0526NA Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0112TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0115NIA Envy X360 15-CP0005NG Pavilion 17-CD0002NC Pavilion 17-CD0600NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0144TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0119NIA Envy X360 15-CP0013NR Pavilion 17-CD0002NF Pavilion 17-CD0602NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0172UR Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0120NG Envy X360 15-CP0014AU Pavilion 17-CD0002NK Pavilion 17-CD0605NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0201NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0121NG Envy X360 15-CP0599NA Pavilion 17-CD0002NM Pavilion 17-CD0606NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0203NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0123NF Envy X360 15M-CP0011DX Pavilion 17-CD0002NT Pavilion 17-CD0620NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0204NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0123NG Envy X360 15M-CP0012DX Pavilion 17-CD0002NU Pavilion 17-CD0668NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0205NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0124NF GamingPavilion 15-CX0113TX Pavilion 17-CD0002XX Pavilion 17-CD0675NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0206NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0125NG Omen 15-CE005NS Pavilion 17-CD0003NC Pavilion 17-CD0700ND Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0212TX Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0126NF Omen 15-CE007NT Pavilion 17-CD0003NIA Pavilion 17-CD0740NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0245NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0140NIA Omen 15-CE016NS Pavilion 17-CD0003NK Pavilion 17-CD0800NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0304NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0141NG Omen 15-DC0000 Pavilion 17-CD0003NM Pavilion 17-CD0801NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0305NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0145NB Omen 15-DC0001NA Pavilion 17-CD0003NQ Pavilion 17-CD0802NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0309NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0147NB Omen 15-DC0001NG Pavilion 17-CD0003NW Pavilion 17-CD0900NA Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0317NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0150ND Omen 15-DC0001NX Pavilion 17-CD0003UR Pavilion 17-CD0910ND Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0320NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0173NIA Omen 15-DC0003NX Pavilion 17-CD0004NO Pavilion 17-CD0913NG Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0322NG Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0197NIA

    Envy 17-BW0200NZ     Pavilion 15-CX0110TX  Pavilion 17-CD0100

    Envy 17-BW0300NG    Pavilion 15-CX0111TX  Pavilion 17-CD0100ND

    Envy 17-BW0302NG    Pavilion 15-CX0112NG Pavilion 17-CD0102NC

    Envy 17-BW0503NA    Pavilion 15-CX0112TX  Pavilion 17-CD0107NF

    Envy 17-BW0706NZ     Pavilion 15-CX0113TX  Pavilion 17-CD0108NG

    Envy 17-BW0999NA    Pavilion 15-CX0144TX  Pavilion 17-CD0109NG

    Envy 17M-BW0013DX  Pavilion 15-CX0172UR Pavilion 17-CD0110NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0000 Pavilion 15-CX0201NG Pavilion 17-CD0112NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0000NE         Pavilion 15-CX0203NG Pavilion 17-CD0114NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0000TX         Pavilion 15-CX0204NG Pavilion 17-CD0115NIA

    Envy X360 15-CN0001NG        Pavilion 15-CX0205NG Pavilion 17-CD0119NIA

    Envy X360 15-CN0002NG        Pavilion 15-CX0206NG Pavilion 17-CD0120NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0002TX         Pavilion 15-CX0212TX  Pavilion 17-CD0121NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0003NG        Pavilion 15-CX0245NG Pavilion 17-CD0123NF

    Envy X360 15-CN0003TX         Pavilion 15-CX0304NG Pavilion 17-CD0123NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0004NG        Pavilion 15-CX0305NG Pavilion 17-CD0124NF

    Envy X360 15-CN0004TX         Pavilion 15-CX0309NG Pavilion 17-CD0125NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0005NG        Pavilion 15-CX0317NG Pavilion 17-CD0126NF

    Envy X360 15-CN0005TX         Pavilion 15-CX0320NG Pavilion 17-CD0140NIA

    Envy X360 15-CN0006NG        Pavilion 15-CX0322NG Pavilion 17-CD0141NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0006TX         Pavilion 15-CX0323NG Pavilion 17-CD0145NB

    Envy X360 15-CN0007NG        Pavilion 15-CX0400     Pavilion 17-CD0147NB

    Envy X360 15-CN0007TX         Pavilion 15-CX0401NG Pavilion 17-CD0150ND

    Envy X360 15-CN0008NG        Pavilion 15-CX0402NG Pavilion 17-CD0173NIA

    Envy X360 15-CN0008TX         Pavilion 15-CX0598     Pavilion 17-CD0197NIA

    Envy X360 15-CN0100 Pavilion 15-CX0599NA Pavilion 17-CD0200

    Envy X360 15-CN0101NG        Pavilion 15-CX0601NG Pavilion 17-CD0206NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0102NG        Pavilion 15-CX0700NG Pavilion 17-CD0207NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0200 Pavilion 15-CX0701NG Pavilion 17-CD0208NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0201NG        Pavilion 15-CX0702NG Pavilion 17-CD0210NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0300 Pavilion 15-CX0800NO Pavilion 17-CD0216NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0312NG        Pavilion 15-CX0800NZ Pavilion 17-CD0217NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0400 Pavilion 15-CX0812NO Pavilion 17-CD0218NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0400NG        Pavilion 15-CX0990NL Pavilion 17-CD0222NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0700NG        Pavilion 15-CX0997NL Pavilion 17-CD0225NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0701NG        Pavilion 15-CX0998NF Pavilion 17-CD0226NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0702NG        Pavilion 15-CX0999NA Pavilion 17-CD0228NG

    Envy X360 15-CN0800NZ        Pavilion 15-CX0999NL Pavilion 17-CD0231NG

    Envy X360 15-CN1000TX         Pavilion 15-CX0XXX     Pavilion 17-CD0232NG

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