120W Laptop Replacement Adapter for Toshiba Qosmio F40, Satellite L670, Laptop Replacement Charger

120W Laptop Replacement Adapter for Toshiba Qosmio F40, Satellite L670, Laptop Replacement Charger

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    Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
    Output Voltage: 19V
    Output Current: 6.32A (120W)
    Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
    Color: Black

    ADP-120GB, ADP-120SB, ADP-120SB A, ADP-120SB B, ADP-120ZB BBEF, PA-1121-08, PA-1750-29, PA3032E-1ACA, PA3032U-1ACA, PA3097E-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3165E, PA3165E-1ACA, PA3165E-1ACAB, PA3165U, PA3165U-1ACA, PA3290E-1ACA, PA3290E-2ACA, PA3290E-3AC3, PA3290E-3ACA, PA3290U-1ACA, PA3290U-2ACA, PA3290U-3AC3, PA3290U-3ACA, PA3336E-1ACA, PA3336E-2ACA, PA3336U-1ACA, PA3336U-2ACA, PA3380E-1ACA, PA3380U-1ACA, PA3381E-1ACA, PA3381U-1ACA, PA3396E-1ACA, PA3396U-1ACA, PA3432E-1AC3, PA3432E-1ACA, PA3432U-1AC3, PA3432U-1ACA, PA3449U-1AC3, PA3449U-1ACA, PA3467U, PA3467U-1AC3, PA3468E, PA3468E-1AC3, PA3468E-1ACA, PA3468U, PA3468U-1AC3, PA3468U-1ACA, PA3516C, PA3516C-1AC3, PA3516E, PA3516E-1AC3, PA3516U, PA3516U-1ACA, PA3715E-1AC3, PA3717U-1ACA, PA5083E-1AC3, PA5181U-1ACA, SADP-135EB BAF


    We offer the best price for 120W Laptop Replacement Adapter for Toshiba Qosmio F40, Satellite L670, Laptop Replacement Charger in UAE.

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    AED: 110.0

    Compatible Model Number

    Qosmio F40 Series Satellite A665-S5173 Satellite L670-BT2N23 Satellite P500-ST6821 Qosmio F45-AV410 Satellite A665-S5179 Satellite L675D-S7013 Satellite P505D-S8934 Qosmio F45-AV413 Satellite A665-S5183X Satellite L675D-S7016 Satellite P50-ABT2N22 Qosmio F50-108 Satellite A665-S5186 Satellite L675D-S7105 Satellite P50-B-10F Qosmio F50-10K Satellite A75-S1252 Satellite L675-S7051 Satellite P50-B-10L Qosmio F50-11Y Satellite A75-S1255 Satellite L675-S7109 Satellite P740-ST5GX1 Qosmio F50-126 Satellite A75-S2261 Satellite L70-ABT2N22 Satellite P740-ST6N01 Qosmio F55 Q503 Satellite A75-S2292 Satellite L70-AST2NX2 Satellite P750-ST5N02 Qosmio F55-Q5021 Satellite C650-14U Satellite L735-13W Satellite P750-ST6N01 Qosmio G50-112 Satellite C650-152 Satellite L735-14L Satellite P755-3DV20 Satellite 1900 PS192C-000FS Satellite C650-15C Satellite L735-S3375 Satellite P755D-S5266 Satellite 1900 Series Satellite C650-15U Satellite L735-S9312BN Satellite P755-S5269 Satellite A135-S2306 Satellite L300-19F Satellite L740 Series Satellite P755-S5320 Satellite A135-S2346 Satellite L300-1CM Satellite L745-S4355 Satellite P755-S5382 Satellite A135-S4457 Satellite L300-700 Satellite L750 Satellite P770-ST6GX1 Satellite A135-S4478 Satellite L300D Series Satellite L750-16J Satellite P775 Series Satellite A200-10N Satellite L305 Series Satellite L750-20R Satellite P775D-S7230 Satellite A200-12Q Satellite L305D-S5881 Satellite L750-20T Satellite P850-ST2N03 Satellite A200-18T Satellite L305D-S5889 Satellite L750-20V Satellite P850-ST3N02 Satellite A200-193 Satellite L305D-S5914 Satellite L750-21N Satellite P855-S5312 Satellite A200-1BW Satellite L305D-S59222 Satellite L750-BT4N22 Satellite P870-BT2N22 Satellite A200-1DA Satellite L305D-S5959 Satellite L750D-BT5N22 Satellite Pro A200-16B Satellite A200-1GD Satellite L305-S5876 Satellite L750D-ST6NX1 Satellite Pro A200-18P Satellite A200-1O5 Satellite L305-S5906 Satellite L755-13H Satellite Pro A200-EZ2205X Satellite A200-27U Satellite L305-S5908 Satellite L755-14Z Satellite Pro A210-16W Satellite A200-M00 Satellite L305-S5917 Satellite L755-15T Satellite Pro A210-EZ2201 Satellite A205-S4567 Satellite L305-S5920 Satellite L755-17Q Satellite Pro A300-1HE Satellite A205-S4587 Satellite L305-S5955 Satellite L755D-S5250 Satellite Pro A300-1NH Satellite A205-S5805 Satellite L305-S5958 Satellite L755D-S5347 Satellite Pro C650 Satellite A205-S5810 Satellite L350D-11K Satellite L755D-S5361 Satellite Pro C650-121 Satellite A205-S5825 Satellite L350-ST2701 Satellite L755-S5107 Satellite Pro C650-125 Satellite A205-S5835 Satellite L355-S78312 Satellite L755-S5242WH Satellite Pro C660-171 Satellite A205-S5879 Satellite L355-S7902 Satellite L755-S5245 Satellite Pro C660-1LM Satellite A205-S7468 Satellite L450-18D Satellite L755-S5248 Satellite Pro C660-1LR Satellite A210-106 Satellite L455-S5009 Satellite L755-S5253 Satellite Pro C660-2JE Satellite A210-130 Satellite L455-S5989 Satellite L755-S5357 Satellite Pro C660-2JN Satellite A210-14T Satellite L45-S2xxx Satellite L755-S5362 Satellite Pro C660-2JR Satellite A215 Series Satellite L500-128 Satellite L755-S5366 Satellite Pro L10 Satellite A215-S5815 Satellite L500-ST2521 Satellite L755-S9510BN Satellite Pro L300 Series Satellite A215-S5822 Satellite L500-ST2543 Satellite L770D-ST5NX1 Satellite Pro L300-156 Satellite A215-S6816 Satellite L505 SERIES Satellite L775-S7240 Satellite Pro L300-EZ1521 Satellite A215-S7408 Satellite L505D-ES5024 Satellite L775-S7245 Satellite Pro L300-EZ1524 Satellite A215-S7447 Satellite L505D-S5996 Satellite M200 Series Satellite Pro L350-175 Satellite A300 Series Satellite L505-ES5015 Satellite M202 Satellite Pro L450 SERIES Satellite A300-1FP Satellite L505-ES5036 Satellite M305D-S4828 Satellite Pro L450-13Q Satellite A300-1IW Satellite L505-GS5037 Satellite M305-S49201 Satellite Pro L450-13R Satellite A300-1SP Satellite L505-S5967 Satellite M505-S4949 Satellite Pro L450-17K Satellite A300-ST3501 Satellite L50-ABT2N22 Satellite M640-BT3N25X Satellite Pro L450-17L Satellite A305D-S6831 Satellite L50-AST2NX2 Satellite M640-ST2N01 Satellite Pro L450-EZ1543 Satellite A305D-S6849 Satellite L50-AST2NX3 Satellite M640-ST2NX1 Satellite Pro L500-EZ1530 Satellite A305-S6829 Satellite L510 Satellite M645-S4047 Satellite Pro L550-EZ1703 Satellite A305-S6837 Satellite L515-S4962 Satellite M70-394 Satellite Pro L630 Series Satellite A305-S6859 Satellite L550-ST2721 Satellite M70-395 Satellite Pro L630-124 Satellite A305-S6862 Satellite L550-ST2744 Satellite P200-10O Satellite Pro L630-12E Satellite A355D-S6930 Satellite L555D-S7930 Satellite P200-123 Satellite Pro L630-135 Satellite A355-S69251 Satellite L555-S7002 Satellite P200-13K Satellite Pro L630-14J Satellite A355-S6935 Satellite L630 Series Satellite P200-13Z Satellite Pro L640-EZ1410 Satellite A35-S1591 Satellite L630-14C Satellite P200-17C Satellite Pro L640-EZ1412 Satellite A35-S1592 Satellite L630-16K Satellite P200-195 Satellite Pro L670-EZ1715D Satellite A35-S209 Satellite L635-S3025 Satellite P200-1EA Satellite Pro M300-S1002V Satellite A35-S2091 Satellite L635-S3100RD Satellite P200D-11J Satellite Pro R850-1G3 Satellite A500-03P Satellite L635-S9321D Satellite P205D Series Satellite Pro T130- EZ1301 Satellite A505D-S687 Satellite L645D-S4100RD Satellite P205D-S7438 Satellite Pro T130-14M Satellite A505-S6016 Satellite L645D-S4106BN Satellite P205-S6287 Satellite Pro T130-14Q Satellite A505-S6025 Satellite L645-S4038 Satellite P205-S6307 Satellite Pro U400-13O Satellite A505-S6034 Satellite L650 Satellite P25-S477 Satellite Pro U400-15I Satellite A505-S6967 Satellite L650-ST3N01X Satellite P25-S5261 Satellite R630 Satellite A505-S6971 Satellite L655-178 Satellite P25-S5562 Satellite R630-102 Satellite A505-S6980 Satellite L655-17D Satellite P300-150 Satellite R630-138 Satellite A60-154 Satellite L655-17U Satellite P300-19P Satellite S855-S5265 Satellite A60-202 Satellite L655D-S5066 Satellite P300-1FC Satellite S855-S5268 Satellite A60-743 Satellite L655D-S5093 Satellite P300-ST6711 Satellite S855-S5377N Satellite A60-S1072 Satellite L655-S5065RD Satellite P30-145 Satellite S855-S5380 Satellite A65-S1062 Satellite L655-S5071 Satellite P305-S8823 Satellite U300 Series Satellite A65-S1065 Satellite L655-S5074 Satellite P305-S8826 Satellite U400-11L Satellite A65-S1361 Satellite L655-S5097 Satellite P305-S8837 Satellite U400-ST6301 Satellite A65-S1662 Satellite L655-S5147 Satellite P305-S8996E Satellite U405-S2820 Satellite A660-18N Satellite L655-S5150 Satellite P30-S6362ST Satellite U405-S2915 Satellite A660-BT2G22 Satellite L655-S5168 Satellite P35-S6112 Satellite U500-11G Satellite A660-BT3G25X Satellite L655-S5198 Satellite P500-025 TECRA R840-10Z Satellite A660D Series Satellite L655-S9520D Satellite P500-BT2G23 TECRA R840-13M Satellite A660-ST2NX2 Satellite L850-A921

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