14.8V 52Wh 3400mAh Replacement HP ENVY 4-1000 EL04XL HSTNN-IB3R 4-1007TX TPN-C102 Laptop Battery

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    Lenovo Thinkpad L410 L412 L420 L421 L510 L512 L520 T410 T410i T420 T510 T520 T510i Replacement Laptop Battery


    ⦁ Battery Type: Li-ion
    ⦁ Capacity:3100mAh/52 Wh
    ⦁ Voltage:14.8 V
    ⦁ Cell: 4 Cells

    compatible part number:

    ⦁ 681879-121, 681879-171, 681879-1C1, 681879-541, 681949-001, 681949-541, EL04, EL04052XL, EL04XL, HSTNN-IB3R, HSTNN-UB3R, TPN-C102

    compatible model:

    Envy 4-1207TU Envy 4-1050ER Envy 4-1103SAEnvy 4-1209TX
    Envy 4-1000ea Envy 4-1050LA Envy 4-1103TU Envy 4-1210EG
    Envy 4-1000EN Envy 4-1050TU Envy 4-1103TX Envy 4-1210EI
    Envy 4-1000et Envy 4-1050TX Envy 4-1104TU Envy 4-1210EW
    Envy 4-1000sa Envy 4-1051ER Envy 4-1105TX Envy 4-1210SG
    Envy 4-1000ST Envy 4-1051TU Envy 4-1109TU Envy 4-1210SW
    Envy 4-1001ET Envy 4-1052ER Envy 4-1109TX Envy 4-1211TX
    Envy 4-1001st Envy 4-1052TU Envy 4-1110EI Envy 4-1212TU
    Envy 4-1005XX Envy 4-1054TU Envy 4-1110ET Envy 4-1214TU
    Envy 4-1006TU Envy 4-1054TX Envy 4-1110ew Envy 4-1214TX
    Envy 4-1007TU Envy 4-1055ER Envy 4-1110sw Envy 4-1215TX
    Envy 4-1010EA Envy 4-1055TX Envy 4-1111TU Envy 4-1216TU
    Envy 4-1010ED Envy 4-1056ER Envy 4-1112EA Envy 4-1221TU
    Envy 4-1010en Envy 4-1056TX Envy 4-1112SA Envy 4-1221TX
    Envy 4-1010es Envy 4-1057TX Envy 4-1115TX Envy 4-1224TX
    Envy 4-1010EW Envy 4-1058TX Envy 4-1119TX Envy 4-1225TU
    Envy 4-1010SA Envy 4-1059TX Envy 4-1120EW Envy 4-1226TX
    Envy 4-1010sd Envy 4-1060EZ Envy 4-1120SW Envy 4-1227TX
    Envy 4-1010SN Envy 4-1060TX Envy 4-1128TX Envy 4-1228TX
    Envy 4-1010SS Envy 4-1062EF Envy 4-1130BR Envy 4-1229TX
    Envy 4-1010SW Envy 4-1062SF Envy 4-1130EB Envy 4-1230EB
    Envy 4-1011ED Envy 4-1066TX Envy 4-1130EI Envy 4-1233TU
    Envy 4-1011SD Envy 4-1070ef Envy 4-1130EW Envy 4-1234TU
    Envy 4-1012TX Envy 4-1070EL Envy 4-1130SB Envy 4-1235ea
    Envy 4-1019WM Envy 4-1070SF Envy 4-1150EA Envy 4-1235sa
    Envy 4-1020EA Envy 4-1070sl Envy 4-1150EC Envy 4-1235TU
    Envy 4-1020eb Envy 4-1075er Envy 4-1150er Envy 4-1236sa
    Envy 4-1020EN Envy 4-1075sr Envy 4-1150EZ Envy 4-1237TX
    Envy 4-1020ES Envy 4-1080EE Envy 4-1151ER Envy 4-1238TX
    Envy 4-1020EW Envy 4-1080EO Envy 4-1152ER Envy 4-1240TX
    Envy 4-1020SA Envy 4-1080EX Envy 4-1152SR Envy 4-1243TU
    Envy 4-1020sb Envy 4-1080se Envy 4-1160EC Envy 4-1244TX
    Envy 4-1020SN Envy 4-1080sx Envy 4-1161ER Envy 4-1245TU
    Envy 4-1020SS Envy 4-1090ee Envy 4-1162EF Envy 4-1246TX
    Envy 4-1020SW Envy 4-1090EO Envy 4-1162SF Envy 4-1250EF
    Envy 4-1029TX Envy 4-1090SE Envy 4-1170ED Envy 4-1250EZ
    Envy 4-1030ed Envy 4-1090so Envy 4-1170EF Envy 4-1250SF
    Envy 4-1030sd Envy 4-11001TU Envy 4-1170EZ Envy 4-1255ER
    Envy 4-1030sn Envy 4-1100EB Envy 4-1170SF Envy 4-1256ER
    Envy 4-1030ss Envy 4-1100ED Envy 4-1180EF Envy 4-1257ER
    Envy 4-1032TU Envy 4-1100ee Envy 4-1180SF Envy 4-1257SR
    Envy 4-1033TU Envy 4-1100EL Envy 4-1181EG Envy 4-1260EF
    Envy 4-1033TX Envy 4-1100em Envy 4-1193CA Envy 4-1260ER
    Envy 4-1034TU Envy 4-1100ES Envy 4-1200EB Envy 4-1260SF
    Envy 4-1034TX Envy 4-1100ET Envy 4-1200ED Envy 4-1262EF
    Envy 4-1035sg Envy 4-1100ex Envy 4-1200EL Envy 4-1262SF
    Envy 4-1035TU Envy 4-1100SB Envy 4-1200EO Envy 4-1267sz
    Envy 4-1035tx Envy 4-1100SE Envy 4-1200ez Envy 4-1270ER
    Envy 4-1036TU Envy 4-1100SG Envy 4-1201EA Envy 4-1270EZ
    Envy 4-1036TX Envy 4-1100SL Envy 4-1201NR Envy 4-1271ER
    Envy 4-1037TU Envy 4-1100sm Envy 4-1202EA Envy 4-1272ER
    Envy 4-1037TX Envy 4-1100SS Envy 4-1202ED Envy 4-1273ER
    Envy 4-1038NR Envy 4-1100ST Envy 4-1202EO Envy 4-1279sf
    Envy 4-1038TU Envy 4-1100sx Envy 4-1202EX Envy 4-1280EF
    Envy 4-1038TX Envy 4-1101EA Envy 4-1202sg Envy 4-1280SF
    Envy 4-1039TU Envy 4-1101EO Envy 4-1202SS Envy 4-1281EF
    Envy 4-1040LA Envy 4-1101ES Envy 4-1202SX Envy 4-1282EF
    Envy 4-1040ss Envy 4-1101SA Envy 4-1203EA Envy 4-1282SF
    Envy 4-1043TU Envy 4-1101SG Envy 4-1203EE Envy 4-1283EG
    Envy 4-1043TX Envy 4-1101SS Envy 4-1203NR Envy 4-1289sl
    Envy 4-1044TU Envy 4-1101TU Envy 4-1203SA Envy 4-1290ET
    Envy 4-1044TX Envy 4-1102ED Envy 4-1203TX Envy 4-1290ST
    Envy 4-1045TU Envy 4-1102EE Envy 4-1204EA Envy 4-1291ee
    Envy 4-1045TX Envy 4-1102EG Envy 4-1204SA Envy 4-1291EX
    Envy 4-1046TU Envy 4-1102ES Envy 4-1204ss Envy 4-1291se
    Envy 4-1046TX Envy 4-1102se Envy 4-1204TU Envy 4-1291SX
    Envy 4-1047TU Envy 4-1102SG Envy 4-1204TX Envy 4T-1000
    Envy 4-1047TX Envy 4-1102SS Envy 4-1205DX Envy 4T-1100
    Envy 4-1048TU Envy 4-1102TU Envy 4-1205EE Envy 4T-1100 CTO
    Envy 4-1048TX Envy 4-1102TX Envy 4-1205SS Envy 4T-1200
    Envy 4-1049TU Envy 4-1102XX Envy 4-1205TX Envy 4T-1200 CTO
    Envy 4-1049TX Envy 4-1103EA Envy 4-1206TU
    Envy 4-1055TU

    Envy 4-1050BR Envy 4-1103EO

    We offer the best price for 14.8V 52Wh 3400mAh Replacement HP ENVY 4-1000 EL04XL HSTNN-IB3R 4-1007TX TPN-C102 Laptop Battery in UAE.

    Buy now with the best price!

    AED: 185.0

    Compatible Part Number


    Compatible Model Number

    Envy 4-1206TU

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