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19V-3.42A, 65W Asus Vivobook X556U X556UR X556UA X556UB Laptop AC Replacement Adapter Replacement Charger

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    19V-3.42A, 65W Asus Vivobook X556U X556UR X556UA X556UB Laptop AC Replacement Adapter Replacement Charger


    • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
    • Output Voltage: 19V
    • Output Current: 3.42A
    • Wattage: 65W
    • Compatible devices: Laptop
    • Connector: 4.0mm*1.35mm
    • Color: Black
    • Power Source: Corded Electric
    • Product Dimensions: 21.34 x 14.48 x 3.81 cm
    • Weight: 308 Grams


    010LF, 04G265003550, 04G265003580, 04G266003162, 04G266003163, 04G266003164, 04G2660031D0, 04G2660031E2, 04G2660031M0, 04G2660031M1, 04G2660031M2, 04G2660031N0, 04G2660031N1, 04G2660031N2, 04G2660031N3, 04G2660031S0, 04G2660031S1, 04G2660031S2, 04G2660031T0, 04G2660031T2, 04G2660031T3, 04G2660031U0, 04G2660031V0, 04G266004701, 04G266004760, 04G266004770, 0A001-00049100, 0A001-00049300, 0A001-00049400, 0A001-00049500, 0A001-00049600, 0A001-00049900, ADP-65HB-BB, ADP-65JH BB, ADP-65NH A, ADP-65WH-AB, ADP-65WH-BB, EXA1203UH-A, EXA1208UH, K43ST, N65W-02, N65W-03, PA-1650-93, SADP-65KBB, SADP-65NB-AB, SADP-65NB-BB, W15-065N1A, W15-065N1B


    1003794 Model , PU551LA-CN137G        , UX434FL-DB77 , VivoBook X756UV-T7500          , X555UB-XO247T

    A111U   PU551LA-CN138G          UX434FL-PURE2X           VivoBook X756UV-TY011T          X555UB-XO253D

    A1560   PU551LA-CN395H          UX461FN           VivoBook X756UV-TY028T          X555UB-XO253R

    A401LB  PU551LA-X0018G           UX461UN          VivoBook X756UV-TY029T          X555UB-XO256D

    A405UA PU551LA-X0120H           UX461UN-1A     VivoBook X756UV-TY037D          X555UB-XO257D

    A405UA-BM063T            PU551LA-X0194G           UX461UN-1C     VivoBook X756UV-TY059T          X555UB-XX014T

    A405UA-BM172T            PU551LA-XB71CB           UX461UN-Pro    VivoBook X756UV-TY118D          X555UB-XX016T

    A405UA-BM256T            PU551LA-XB71-CB          UX463FA           VivoBook X756UV-TY119T          X555UB-XX018T

    A405UA-BM484T            PU551LA-XO018G          UX463FA-AI012R            VivoBook X756UV-TY120T          X555UB-XX077T

    A405UA-BV566T PU551LA-XO028G          UX463FA-AI014R            VivoBook X756UV-TY132D          X555UB-XX082T

    A405UA-BV587T PU551LA-XO031G          UX463FA-AI026T            VivoBook X756UV-TY133D          X555UB-XX126T

    A450C   PU551LA-XO034G          UX463FA-AI028T            VivoBook X756UV-TY205T          X555UB-XX190T

    A450LN PU551LA-XO036G          UX463FA-AI038T            VivoBook X756UV-TY206T          X555UB-XX250T

    A450LN-WX047 PU551LA-XO036H          UX463FA-AI040R            VivoBook X756UV-TY233T          X555UB-XX274T

    A450V   PU551LA-XO042G          UX463FL            VivoBook X756UV-TY4117T        X555UB-XX298T

    A456U   PU551LA-XO056G          UX463FL-AI023R            W419L  X555UB-XX299T

    A45VD  PU551LA-XO079G          UX463FL-AI023T W519L  X555UF

    A45VD-SX471H  PU551LA-XO086G          UX463FL-AI025R            X201E   X555UF-1B

    A45VD-VX054H  PU551LA-XO106G          UX463FL-AI031R            X201E-KX042H  X555UF-3E

    A45VD-VX054V  PU551LA-XO107G          UX463FL-AI041T X201E-KX096H  X555UF-3F

    A45VD-VX326H  PU551LA-XO115G          UX463FL-AI070T X201E-KX097H  X555UF-3G

    A45VM  PU551LA-XO116G          UX481   X201E-KX098H  X555UJ

    A45VM-VX069R PU551LA-XO120G          UX481FA           X202E   X555UJ-1A

    A45VS   PU551LA-XO149G          UX481FL            X302LJ  X555UJ-1B

    A45VS-VX007H  PU551LA-XO152G          UX50    X302UA X555UJ-3E

    A45VS-VX026H  PU551LA-XO153G          UX52 SERIES      X302UA-FN006T            X555UJ-3F

    A45VS-VX028H  PU551LA-XO164G          UX52VS X302UA-FN027D            X555UJ-3G

    A540UP PU551LA-XO169G          UX52VS SERIES  X302UA-FN030D            X555UJ-XO018T

    A5560   PU551LA-XO189G          UX52VS1A         X302UA-FN030T            X555UJ-XO023T

    A556U   PU551LA-XO192G          UX52VS-1A        X302UA-FN037T            X555UJ-XO050T

    A751SA PU551LA-XO194G          UX52VS-CN021H           X302UA-FN054T            X555UJ-XO070T

    A751SA-TY045T PU551LA-XO222H          UX52VS-CN028H           X302UA-FN059T            X555UJ-XO112T

    A751SA-TY066T PU551LA-XO240G          UX52VS-CN035H           X302UA-FN062D            X555UJ-XO113T

    A751SA-TY085T PU551LA-XO261G          UX52VS-CN036P            X302UA-FN101T            X555UJ-XO114T

    A751SA-TY106T PU551LA-XO359G          UX52VS-CN037H           X302UA-FN160T            X555UJ-XX072T

    A751SA-TY203T PU551LA-XO396G          UX530UQ          X302UA-FN165T            X555UJ-XX073T

    A751YI  PU551LA-XO397G          UX530UQ-1A     X302UA-FN168D            X555UJ-XX124T

    A751YI-TY114T   PU551LA-XO401G          UX530UQ-2B     X302UA-FN174T            X555UQ

    A751YI-TY132T   PU551LA-XO413G          UX530UX          X302UA-FN177T            X555UQ-3C

    A95VJ   PU551LD           UX530UX-1A     X302UA-FN204T            X555UQ-3I

    A95VJ-YZ031H   PU551LD-1A      UX530UX-2B      X302UA-R4020T X555UQ-3J

    A95VJ-YZ034H   PU551LD-CN082G          UX560UQ          X302UA-R4026T X555UQ-XO075T

    A95VJ-YZ035H   PU551LD-XO025G          UX560UQ-1C     X302UA-R4099D            X555UQ-XX305T

    A95VJ-YZ040H   PU551LD-XO026G          UX560UQ-FJ039T           X302UA-R4107D            X555YA

    A95VJ-YZ058H   PU551LD-XO052D          UX560UQ-FJ040T           X302UJ X555YA-1B

    A95VJ-YZ101H   PU551LD-XO078G          UX560UQ-FJ045R           X302UJ-FN020D X555YA-7K

    A95VJ-YZ102H   PU551LD-XO079G          UX560UQ-FJ088T           X302UJ-FN020T X555YA-7L

    A95VJ-YZ112H   PU551LD-XO088D          UX560UQ-FJ089T           X302UJ-FN021D X555YA-DB84Q

    A95VJ-YZ113H   PU551LD-XO089D          UX560UQ-FJ097T           X302UJ-FN022D X555YA-RH61CB

    A95VJ-YZ114H   Q200E   UX560UQ-FZ017T          X302UJ-FN029T X555YA-RH61-CB

    A95VJ-YZ116H   Q302L   UX560UQ-FZ054T          X302UJ-R4034   X555YA-XO010D

    A95VJ-YZ137H   Q302LA-BBI5T14            UX560UQ-FZ058T          X302UJ-R4035   X555YA-XO010T

    A95VJ-YZ141H   Q302LA-BBI5T19            UX560UQ-FZ061T          X302UV X555YA-XO015T

    A95VJ-YZ147H   Q302LA-BHI3T09            UX560UQ-FZ062T          X302UV-FN016T            X555YA-XO062D

    B400A   Q302LA-BHI3T11            UX560UQ-FZ065T          X302UV-FN018T            X555YA-XO101T

    B43A     Q302LA-BSI5T16            UX560UQ-FZ071T          X302UV-FN019T            X555YA-XO172T

    We offer the best price for 19V-3.42A, 65W Asus Vivobook X556U X556UR X556UA X556UB Laptop AC Replacement Adapter Replacement Charger in UAE.

    Buy now with the best price!

    AED: 55.0

    Compatible Part Number

    010LF, 04G265003550, 04G265003580, 04G266003162, 04G266003163, 04G266003164, 04G2660031D0, 04G2660031E2, 04G2660031M0, 04G2660031M1, 04G2660031M2, 04G2660031N0, 04G2660031N1, 04G2660031N2,

    Compatible Model Number

    1003794 Model , PU551LA-CN137G , UX434FL-DB77 , VivoBook X756UV-T7500 , X555UB-XO247T A111U PU551LA-CN138G UX434FL-PURE2X VivoBook X756UV-TY011T X555UB-XO253D A1560 PU551LA-CN395H UX461FN VivoBook X756UV-TY028T X555UB-XO253R A401LB PU551LA-X0018G UX461UN VivoBook X756UV-TY029T X555UB-XO256D

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