26Wh Lenovo ThinkPad T460s, ThinkPad T470s, 01AV462, 01AV405, SB10J79004 Replacement Laptop Battery

26Wh Lenovo ThinkPad T460s, ThinkPad T470s, 01AV462, 01AV405, SB10J79004 Replacement Laptop Battery

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    26Wh Lenovo ThinkPad T460s, ThinkPad T470s, 01AV462, 01AV405, SB10J79004 Replacement Laptop Battery


    ⦁ Battery Type: Li-ion
    ⦁ Capacity:2310 mAh/26 Wh
    ⦁ Voltage: 11.4 V
    ⦁ Cell: 3 Cells

    compatible part number:

    ⦁ 00HW038, 01AV405, 01AV407, 01AV462, L16M3P73, SB10F46476, SB10J79002, SB10J79004, SB10K97605

    compatible model:

    ThinkPad T460S 20F9003Q ThinkPad T460S 20FAS0VH00 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS8D100 ThinkPad T470S 20HGS01R00 ThinkPad T470S 20JSS08P00
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9003R ThinkPad T460S 20FAS0YS0P ThinkPad T460S 20FAS8DF00 ThinkPad T470S 20HGS03300 ThinkPad T470S 20JSS09A00
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9003S ThinkPad T460S 20FAS10907 ThinkPad T460S 20HF000RAU ThinkPad T470S 20HGS03400 ThinkPad T470S 20JT0000AU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9003T ThinkPad T460S 20FAS10K01 ThinkPad T460S(20F9-001QAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS03500 ThinkPad T470S 20JT0006AU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9003U ThinkPad T460S 20FAS11W0L ThinkPad T460S(20F9-0026AU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS03600 ThinkPad T470S 20JT000LAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9003V ThinkPad T460S 20FAS11W1D ThinkPad T460S(20F9-003GGE) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS04000 ThinkPad T470S 20JT000VAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9003W ThinkPad T460S 20FAS14H00 ThinkPad T460S(20F9-003MAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS04E00 ThinkPad T470S 20JT000Y
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9003X ThinkPad T460S 20FAS18100 ThinkPad T460S(20F9-003SGE) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS05B00 ThinkPad T470S 20JT0010
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9003Y ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1900V ThinkPad T460S(20F9-0042GE) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS06D0K ThinkPad T470S 20JT001CAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90040 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1BC04 ThinkPad T460S(20F9-0043GE) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS07D1K ThinkPad T470S 20JTA00FAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90041 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1E90K ThinkPad T460S(20F9-0058GE) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS09J0J ThinkPad T470S 20JTA00LAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90042 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1EB00 ThinkPad T460S(20F9-005WMZ) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0A800 ThinkPad T470S 20JTA00QAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90043 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1EF0L ThinkPad T460S(20F9-0060GE) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0AU02 ThinkPad T470S 20JTA01VAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90044 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1FN0P ThinkPad T460S(20FA-001AAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0BP0F ThinkPad T470S 20JTA01VNZ
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90045 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1JD28 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-001BAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0CB0P ThinkPad T470S 20JTA024AU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9004DUS ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1JT0G ThinkPad T460S(20FA-001EAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0EA00 ThinkPad T470S 20JTA025AU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9004EUS ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1KB13 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-001FAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0EW0C ThinkPad T470S 20JTA02RAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9004FUS ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1KT0A ThinkPad T460S(20FA-0026AU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0GA00 ThinkPad T470S 20JTA02UAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9004GUS ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1KV00 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-002UAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0H101 ThinkPad T470S 20JTA02VAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9004JUS ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1NP0L ThinkPad T460S(20FA-003YAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0H104 ThinkPad T470S 20JTA036AU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9004LUS ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1R50A ThinkPad T460S(20FA-A01EAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0HK00 ThinkPad T470S 20JTA037AU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9004MUS ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1RB03 ThinkPad T460S(20FAA01GAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0HS00 ThinkPad T470S 20JTA03EAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9004NUS ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1RW00 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-A01GAU) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0L30S ThinkPad T470S 20JTA065AU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F9004PUS ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1RX00 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-S05A01) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0N100 ThinkPad T470S 20JTA06YAU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90050 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1TQ05 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-S0BM00) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0RY1L ThinkPad T470S 20JTA080AU
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90051 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1TV0Q ThinkPad T460S(20FA-S0KD00) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0TF02 ThinkPad T470S 20JTS0170G
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90052 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1US09 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-S0KE00) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0WT00 ThinkPad T470S 20JTS01N0R
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90053 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1VH00 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-S0NF00) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0WU00 ThinkPad T470S 20JTS02J1N
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90054 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1W600 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-S11300) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS0X804 ThinkPad T470S 20JTS04D02
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90055 ThinkPad T460S 20FAS1WP00 ThinkPad T460S(20FA-S17800) ThinkPad T470S 20HGS11M00 ThinkPad T470S 20JTS04Y2P
    ThinkPad T460S 20F90056

    We offer the best price for 26Wh Lenovo ThinkPad T460s, ThinkPad T470s, 01AV462, 01AV405, SB10J79004 Replacement Laptop Battery in UAE.

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    Compatible Part Number


    Compatible Model Number

    ThinkPad T460S 20FAS0VH00

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