37Wh C21N1401 C21PQCH Asus X455LA X455LA-4030U F455L R455LD Y483L Replacement Laptop Battery

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  • Warranty 

    6 Month Warranty for our batteries products.


    We use the highest quality lithium-polymer batteries that charge faster and last longer.
    The High quality laptop battery operates above 600 charge-discharge cycle. Our batteries are made up of high-grade cells and highest quality parts that are safe for your device. Higher quality cells mean they charge faster and last longer. Our battery perfectly fits in your device also it is compatible replacement for size and appearance. The battery has passed quality check procedures including safety testing. We offer the best quality in competitive price rates for the replacement batteries.

  • About this Battery
  • 1. Before normal use of the new battery, discharge the capacity to about 10%, then fill the cycle 3-4 times. Be careful not to discharge to 0%. This will make the battery more fragile.

    2. When using the battery, recharge it immediately when it runs out. If you do not charge the battery for a long time, the battery may be damaged, so be careful with exposure and moisture.

    3. Do not disassemble, crush or puncture the battery. Do not throw the battery into fire or water.

    4. If you do not use the battery for a long time, you need to charge it 70% or more and store it, the storage period should not exceed 3 months, and if you do not use it for more than 3 months, you need to fill the power.

  • Disclaimer
  • Disclaimer:

    1. The batteries and charger sold by our company are replacements, which can be used with certain products of computer manufacturers.

    2. Any referenced product names, Images or trademarks of such companies is merely for the purpose of identifying the match between our batteries and their machines.

    3. Our company and this website are not affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributed by these original computer manufacturers, nor are these products (replacement) in our website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of any of such manufacturers.

    37Wh C21N1401 C21PQCH Asus X455LA X455LA-4030U F455L R455LD Y483L Replacement Laptop Battery


    • Battery Type: Li-po
    • Capacity: 4775mAh (37Wh)
    • Voltage: 7.6
    • Battery cells: 4-cell
    • Grade A cells battery: 500+ recharge cycles over
    • Charging Time: Up to 3.5 hours
    • Compatible devices: Laptop
    • Color: Black
    • Product Dimensions: 22.9 x 5.4 x 2.7 cm
    • Weight: 342 Grams


    0B200-01040000, 0B200-01040100, 0B200-01040200, 0B200-01040300, 0B200-01320000, 0B200-01320100, 0B200-01320200, 0B200-01320300, 0B200-01320400, 0B200-01320500, 0B200-01320600, C21IN401, C21INI401, C21N1401, C21Pp95


    Asus A455L, A455LA, A455LAB, A455LA-WX378D, A455LA-WX550D, A455LA-WX667D, A455LA-WX667T, A455LA-WX668D, A455LA-WX668T, A455LA-WX669D, A455LA-WX670D, A455LA-WX680, A455LA-WX759D, A455LD, A455LD4010, A455LD4030, A455LD4210, A455LD5200, A455LDB, A455LD-WX050D, A455LD-WX051D, A455LD-WX052D, A455LD-WX053D, A455LD-WX055H, A455LD-WX056H, A455LD-WX057H, A455LD-WX059D, A455LD-WX061D, A455LD-WX075H, A455LD-WX076D, A455LD-WX101D, A455LD-WX102D, A455LD-WX103D, A455LD-WX105D, A455LD-WX110D, A455LD-WX146H, A455LD-WX148H, A455LD-WX149H, A455LD-WX162D, A455LD-WX164D, A455LD-WX165D, A455LF, A455LF4005, A455LF5010, A455LF5200, A455LF-WX016D, A455LF-WX017D, A455LF-WX018D, A455LF-WX019D, A455LF-WX020D, A455LF-WX031T, A455LF-WX032T, A455LF-WX033T, A455LF-WX034T, A455LF-WX035T, A455LF-WX039D, A455LF-WX040D, A455LF-WX041D, A455LF-WX041T, A455LF-WX042D, A455LF-WX043D, A455LF-WX049D, A455LF-WX049T, A455LF-WX050D, A455LF-WX051D, A455LF-WX051T, A455LF-WX052D, A455LF-WX052T, A455LF-WX053D, A455LF-WX063T, A455LF-WX064T, A455LF-WX065T, A455LF-WX066T, A455LF-WX120D, A455LF-WX158D, A455LF-WX159D, A455LF-WX160D, A455LF-WX161D, A455LN, A455LNB, F430YA, F430YI, F450LD4210, F454LA, F454LAB, F454LA-WX390LD, F454LA-WX526T, F454LD, F454LDB, F454LD-VX176H, F454LI5010, F454LJ, F454LJ5200, F454WA, F454WE, F455DG, F455DG-WX016T, F455DG-WX021T, F455L, F455LA, F455LAB, F455LA-WX046H, F455LA-WX383H, F455LD, F455LD4030, F455LD4210, F455LD4210-554BSC52X10, F455LDB, F455LD-WX091H, F455LD-WX107H, F455LD-WX109H, F455LD-WX209H, F455LD-WX210H, F455LD-WX383H, F455LJ, F455LJ5200, F455WA, F455WE, F455YA, F455YI, K455DG, K455LA, K455LAB, K455LA-WX064D, K455LA-WX069D, K455LA-WX070D, K455LA-WX071D, K455LA-WX124D, K455LA-WX148D, K455LA-WX149D, K455LA-WX207H, K455LA-WX242H, K455LA-WX286D, K455LA-WX287D, K455LA-WX388D, K455LA-WX389D, K455LA-WX415T, K455LA-WX539D, K455LA-WX541D, K455LA-WX561D, K455LA-WX562D, K455LA-WX609D, K455LA-WX610D, K455LA-WX611D, K455LA-WX637T, K455LA-WX714D, K455LA-WX725D, K455LA-WX736D, K455LA-WX755D, K455LD, K455LD4010, K455LD4210, K455LD5200, K455LDB, K455LDFH71CB, K455LD-FH71-CB, K455LD-WX062D, K455LD-WX064D, K455LD-WX065D, K455LD-WX066D, K455LD-WX067D, K455LD-WX069D, K455LD-WX071D, K455LD-WX086D, K455LD-WX089D, K455LD-WX090H, K455LD-WX096H, K455LD-WX181D, K455LD-WX212D, K455LD-WX249D, K455LF, K455LF-WX026D, K455LF-WX027D, K455LF-WX054D, K455LF-WX068D, K455LF-WX082D, K455LF-WX089T, K455LF-WX135D, K455LF-WX139D, K455LF-WX157D, K455LF-WX168D, K455LF-WX177D, K455LF-WX178D, K455LF-WX193D, K455LJ, K455LJ-WX332T, K455LJ-WX333T, K455LJ-WX406D, K455LJ-WX418D, K455LJ-WX419D, K455WA, K455WE, K455YA, K455YI, NOTEBOOK X455, NOTEBOOK X455LA, NOTEBOOK X455LD, R406LD, R406LDB, R419LD, R419LDB, R41LD, R41LDB, R454LA, R454LAB, R454LA-WX461T, R454LA-WX462R, R454LA-WX462T, R454LA-WX494AU, R454LA-WX494T, R454LA-WX516AU, R454LA-WX656, R454LD, R454LDB, R454LF, R454LJ, R454LJ-WX148, R454LJ-WX149H, R454WA, R454WE, R454YA, R454YI, R455LA, R455LAB, R455LA-WX018H, R455LA-WX036D, R455LA-WX043H, R455LA-WX083D, R455LA-WX083H, R455LA-WX120H, R455LA-WX314T, R455LA-WX468T, R455LD, R455LD4030, R455LD4210, R455LDB, R455LD-WX031H, R455LD-WX093H, R455LD-WX099H, R455LD-WX100H, R455LF, R455LJ, R455LJ-WX063H, R455LJ-WX165T, R455LJ-WX274T, R455LJ-WX275T, R455LJ-WX342T, R455LJ-WX386T, R455LJ-WX390, R455LJ-WX393T, R455WA, R455WE, R455YA, R455YI, V405LB5200, V405LB5500, VM410LD4030, W409LD, W409LDB, W419L, W419L4210, W419LD4210, W419LJ5200, X454DG, X454LA, X454LA-5005U, X454LA-5010U, X454LAB, X454LA-VX168D, X454LA-VX177D, X454LA-VX215B, X454LA-VX289D, X454LA-VX290D, X454LA-WX277D, X454LA-WX280T, X454LA-WX292D, X454LA-WX301D, X454LA-WX375D, X454LA-WX390D, X454LA-WX402T, X454LA-WX422D, X454LA-WX424D, X454LA-WX426D, X454LA-WX473T, X454LA-WX577D, X454LA-WX675D, X454LA-WX751D, X454LD, X454LD4030, X454LDB, X454LD-VX152H, X454LD-VX246B, X454LF, X454LJ, X454LJ5200, X454LJ-VX043D, X454LJ-VX044D, X454LJ-VX045D, X454LJ-VX059H, X454LJ-VX074H, X454LJ-VX080D, X454LJ-VX084D, X454LJ-VX099H, X454LJ-WX120H, X454LJ-WX150B, X454LJ-WX151B, X454LJ-WX273T, X454LJ-WX282T, X454LJ-WX319T, X454WA, X454WA-VX004D, X454WA-VX005D, X454WA-VX011D, X454WA-VX025D, X454WA-WX051D, X454WE, X454YA, X454YA-BX801D, X454YA-BX802D, X454YA-EX101T, X454YA-WX006D, X454YA-WX033D, X454YA-WX101D, X454YA-WX102D, X454YA-WX103D, X454YI

    We offer the best price for 37Wh C21N1401 C21PQCH Asus X455LA X455LA-4030U F455L R455LD Y483L Replacement Laptop Battery in UAE.

    Buy now with the best price!

    AED: 200.0

    Compatible Part Number

    0B200-01040000, 0B200-01040100, 0B200-01040200, 0B200-01040300, 0B200-01320000, 0B200-01320100, 0B200-01320200, 0B200-01320300, 0B200-01320400, 0B200-01320500, 0B200-01320600, C21IN401, C21INI401, C21N1401, C21Pp95

    Compatible Model Number

    X455LA-WX053D, X455LA-WX053H, X455LA-WX054H, X455LA-WX055H, X455LA-WX058D, X455LA-WX058H, X455LA-WX063D, X455LA-WX078H, X455LA-WX080D, X455LA-WX081D, X455LA-WX082D, X455LA-WX086, X455LA-WX127D, X455LA-WX128D, X455LA-WX159D, X455LA-WX182, X455LA-WX213H, X455LA-WX222D, X455LA-WX235H, X455LA-WX283H, X455LA-WX284H, X455LA-WX414T, X455LD, X455LD-1A, X455LD-1B, X455LD-3D, X455LD-3E, X455LD-3F, X455LD-3G, X455LD-3H, X455LD-4010, X455LD-4210, X455LD-7K, X455LD-7L, X455LDB, X455LD-WX006H, X455LD-WX012H, X455LD-WX013H, X455LD-WX018H, X455LD-WX022H, X455LD-WX045D, X455LD-WX045H, X455LD-WX098H, X455LD-WX110D, X455LD-WX168D, X455LD-WX174H, X455LD-WX203D, X455LD-WX204D, X455LF, X455LF-1A, X455LF-1B, X455LF-3C, X455LF-3D, X455LF-3E, X455LF-3F, X455LF-3G, X455LF-3H, X455LF4005, X455LF-WX031DC, X455LF-WX055T, X455LF-WX062T, X455LF-WX067D, X455LF-WX084T, X455LF-WX113T, X455LF-WX114T, X455LF-WX115T, X455LF-WX146, X455LF-WX146T, X455LF-WX147T, X455LF-WX182D, X455LJ, X455LJ-1A, X455LJ-1B

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