Compatible SR04XL battery for HP Omen 15-CE, Pavilion Gaming 15-CX, Pavilion POWER 15-CB

Compatible Part Number: 

  • SR04XL SRO4XL SR04070XL SR04070XL-PL 917724-855 917724-856 917678-271 917678-171 917678-171 917678-1B1 917678-2B1 917724-855 HSTNN-DB7W HSTNN-IB7Z HSTNN-IB72 HSTNN-DB8Q TPN-C133 TPN-C134 TPN-Q193 TPN-Q194 TPN-Q211 SR03XL;for HP Pavilion 15-CB Series, Omen 15-CE Series, Omen 15-DC Series, Omen 15-CE000ng, Omen 15-CE002ng Pavilion Gaming 15T-CX0000 Series, Pavilion Power 15T-CB2000 Series.

Compatible for

  • Pavilion Power 15-CB017NL, OMEN 15-DC1000NS, OMEN 15-CE004TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB504TX, Pavilion 15-CB043TX, Omen 15-dc0200ng, Omen 15-CE032TX, HP Pavilion POWER 15-CB005NE OMEN 15-DC0058TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0008NI, Omen 15-CE012DX, Pavilion Power 15-CB020NB, OMEN 15-DC0008NE, Omen 15-ce012ng, Pavilion Power 15-CB521TX, Pavilion 15-CB057TX, Omen 15-CE018UR, Omen 15-CE036TX, OMEN 15-DC0074TX, Pavilion 15-CB063TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0011UR, OMEN 15-DC0087NR, OMEN 15-DC0313NG, Pavilion 15-CB071TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0015NC, Pavilion Power 15-CB025NF, OMEN 15-ce015ns, Omen 15-CE001NF, Pavilion Power 15-CB003NH, Omen 15-CE050TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB027NL, OMEN 15-DC0111TX, Omen 15-CE014NM, OMEN 15-DC0092TX, Pavilion 15-CB087TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0020NM, PAVILION 15-15-CB000, Omen 15-CE002NIA, Pavilion Power 15-CB004NV, Omen 15-CE057TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB031NG, OMEN 15-DC0144TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0072NB, Omen 15-CE016NF, OMEN 17-CB0005NG, Pavilion 15-CB503TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0028NM, Omen 15-CE003NO, Pavilion Power 15-CB006NT, Omen 15-CE067TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB035TX, OMEN 15-DC1012TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0097TX, Omen 15-CE019NO, OMEN 17-CB0050NR, Pavilion 15-CB519TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0037UR, Omen 15-dc0006ng, Omen 15-CE004UR, Pavilion Power 15-CB008NM, Omen 15-CE081ND, Pavilion Power 15-CB043TX, OMEN 15-DC1030NR, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0118TX, Omen 15-CE021NO, OMEN 15-CE504TX, Pavilion 15-CB535TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0049NR, Pavilion 15-cb032ng, Omen 15-CE006NA, Pavilion Power 15-CB009TX, Omen 15-CE093TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB057TX, OMEN 15T-CE100, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0166TX, Omen 15-CE023NO, OMEN 15-CE523TX, OMEN 15-DC1002NE, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0058WM, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0000NQ, Omen 15-CE007NP, Pavilion Power 15-CB011TX, Omen 15-CE098TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB066TX, PAVILION 15-CB006NL, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0514NA, Omen 15-CE025UR, OMEN 15-DC0023TX, OMEN 15-dc1016nv, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0067TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0002NG, Omen 15-CE008NQ, Pavilion Power 15-CB014NA, OMEN 15-dc1061TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB082TX, Pavilion 15-CB024CL, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0999NA, Omen 15-CE028NM, OMEN 15-DC0038TX, Omen 15-DC0021NF, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0004UR, Omen 15-CE010CA, Pavilion Power 15-CB016NB, OMEN 15-DC0008TX(4LE28PA), OMEN 15-CE003TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB097TX, Pavilion 15-CB038TX, 15-CE005TX, Omen 15-CE031NS, OMEN 15-DC0052TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-CX0007NM, Omen 15-CE011NP, Pavilion Power 15-CB018NM, OMEN 15-DC0129TX, 3KS70PA, Pavilion Power 15-CB513TX


SR04XL SR03XL,Battery type: Li-ion, Voltage: 15.4V. Capacity: 70.07WH / 4550mAh (Also Fit 11.55V 52.5Wh 4550mAh). Cells: 3-cell. Color: Black

HP OEM SR04XL replacement laptop battery Compatible with the manufacturer’s specifications and perfectly safe for your laptop. The battery comes with excellent quality, durability and performance.

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