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HP Pavilion dv3-2014tx, NB801AA Laptop Battery

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Description HP Pavilion dv3-2014tx, NB801AA Laptop Battery specification: ⦁ Battery Type: Lithium-lon⦁ Voltage: 10.8 V ⦁ Cell: 6 Cells compatible part number: ⦁ 516479-121⦁ HSTNN-DB94⦁ HSTNN-IB93⦁ HSTNN-IB94⦁ HSTNN-LB93⦁ HSTNN-LB94⦁ HSTNN-OB93⦁...



HP Pavilion dv3-2014tx, NB801AA Laptop Battery


⦁ Battery Type: Lithium-lon
⦁ Voltage: 10.8 V
⦁ Cell: 6 Cells

compatible part number:

⦁ 516479-121
⦁ NU089AA

compatible model:

Compaq Presario CQ35-100 Pavilion dv3-2030ez Pavilion dv3-2129tx Pavilion dv3-2318tx
Compaq Presario CQ35-117TX
Compaq Presario CQ35-200 Pavilion dv3-2030tx Pavilion dv3-2130ea Pavilion dv3-2319tx Compaq Presario CQ35-118TU
Compaq Presario CQ36-100 Pavilion dv3-2032tx Pavilion dv3-2130ef Pavilion dv3-2320ep Compaq Presario CQ35-118TX
Pavilion dv3-2000 Pavilion dv3-2033eg Pavilion dv3-2130ei Pavilion dv3-2320es Compaq Presario CQ35-119TX
Pavilion dv3-2001tu Pavilion dv3-2033tx Pavilion dv3-2130el Pavilion dv3-2320tx Compaq Presario CQ35-120TX
Pavilion dv3-2001TX Pavilion dv3-2034tx Pavilion dv3-2130es Pavilion dv3-2321tx Compaq Presario CQ35-121TX
Pavilion dv3-2001xx Pavilion dv3-2035tx Pavilion dv3-2130ez Pavilion dv3-2322tx Compaq Presario CQ35-122TX
Pavilion dv3-2002tu Pavilion dv3-2036tx Pavilion dv3-2131tx Pavilion dv3-2323tx Compaq Presario CQ35-124TX
Pavilion dv3-2002tx Pavilion dv3-2050ea Pavilion dv3-2133tx Pavilion dv3-2324tx Compaq Presario CQ35-125TX
Pavilion dv3-2003tu Pavilion dv3-2050ec Pavilion dv3-2135tx Pavilion dv3-2325tx Compaq Presario CQ35-126TX
Pavilion dv3-2003tx Pavilion dv3-2050eo Pavilion dv3-2136tx Pavilion dv3-2326tx Compaq Presario CQ35-127TX
Pavilion dv3-2004tu Pavilion dv3-2050ep Pavilion dv3-2137tx Pavilion dv3-2327tx Compaq Presario CQ35-128TX
Pavilion dv3-2004tx Pavilion dv3-2050es Pavilion dv3-2138tx Pavilion dv3-2328tx Compaq Presario CQ35-129TX
Pavilion dv3-2005ee Pavilion dv3-2050ev Pavilion dv3-2139tx Pavilion dv3-2329tx Compaq Presario CQ35-200
Pavilion dv3-2005tu Pavilion dv3-2050ew Pavilion dv3-2140ei Pavilion dv3-2330tx Compaq Presario CQ35-201TX
Pavilion dv3-2005tx Pavilion dv3-2051ea Pavilion dv3-2140eo Pavilion dv3-2340ez Compaq Presario CQ35-202TU
Pavilion dv3-2006tu

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