L12M4E01 L12S4A02 Lenovo Z50-70 Z50 G505S G400S L12L4A02 L12L4E01 L12M4A02 L12S4E01 Replacement Laptop Battery

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    L12M4E01 L12S4A02 Lenovo Z50-70 Z50 G505S G400S L12L4A02 L12L4E01 L12M4A02 L12S4E01 Replacement Laptop Battery


    ⦁ Battery Type: Lenovo
    ⦁ Capacity:2900 mAh/41 Wh
    ⦁ Voltage: 14.4 V

    compatible part number:

    ⦁ 35012656, 35044422, 35044710, 35045229, 90202869, 121500171, 121500172, 121500173, 121500174, 121500175, 121500176, 5B10K10161, 5B10K10191, 5B10K10199, 5B10K10206, 5B10K10211, 5B10K10238, 5B10K10240, L12L4A02, L12L4E01, L12M4A02, L12M4E01, L12S4A02, L12S4E01

    compatible model:

    505s Touch Series G50-30-NTW G510s Series IdeaPad Z50-75
    B70-80 80MR0006GE G50-45(80E3004EIN) G510s Touch IdeaPad Z70
    B70-80(80MR) G50-45(80E300DGGE) G510s Touch Series IdeaPad Z70-70
    B70-80(80MR0009GE) G50-45(80E300DHGE) G51-35(80M8000T) IdeaPad Z70-80
    B70-80(80MR000BGE) G50-45(80E300J4GE) G51-35(80M8000TGE) IdeaPad Z710
    B70-80(80MR00RVGE) G50-45(80E300RNGE) G51-35(80M80022GE) IdeaPad Z710 Series

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    Compatible Part Number


    Compatible Model Number

    G50-80(80L0009VGE), B70-80(80MR01CAGE) G50-45(80E300T8GEE) G51-35-80M8001NAU IdeaPad Z710(20250)
    B70-80(80MR01CCGE) G50-45(80E301N7GE) G51-35-80M80048AU IdeaPad Z710(59385450)
    B70-80(80MR01CDGE) G50-45(80E301V3GE) G51-35-80M80049AU IdeaPad Z710(59387520)
    B70-80(80MR02PMGE) G50-45(80E301V4GE) G51-35-80M8004AAU IdeaPad Z710(59387522)
    ERASER G50 G50-45(80E301V5GE) G51-35-80M8007PAU IdeaPad Z710(59393210)
    ERASER G50-30 G50-45(80E301VPGE) G70-35(80Q5) IdeaPad Z710(59424270)
    ERASER G50-45 G50-45(80E30204GE) G70-35(80Q5000BGE) IdeaPad Z710-59381249
    ERASER G50-70 G50-45(80E501HUGE) G70-35(80Q50018GE) Lenovo G40-80E400QRCF
    ERASER G50-70A G50-45(80HW009FGE) G70-35(80Q5002YGE) Lenovo G40-80E400QSCF
    ERASER G50-70M G50-45(80MQ001WGE) G70-35(80Q5003KGE) Lenovo G40-80E400R0CF
    ERASER G50-75 G50-45(A6-6310) G70-35(80Q50041GE) Lenovo G50-80-80E501J0CF
    ERASER G50-80 G50-45(A8-6410) G70-70(80HW) Lenovo G50-80-80E501JDCF
    ERASER Z40 G50-45-80E300AGAU G70-70(80HW000HGE) Lenovo G50-80-80E502XLCF
    ERASER Z40-70 G50-45-80E3014YAU G70-70(80HW002KUS) Lenovo G50-80-80E502XNCF
    ERASER Z40-75 G50-45-80E30158AU G70-70(80HW002MUS) Lenovo G50-80-80E502XQCF
    ERASER Z50-70 G50-45-80E301S2AU G70-70(80HW002NUS) Lenovo G50-80-80E502XRCF
    ERASER Z50-75 G50-45-80E301S3AU G70-70(80HW002QUS) Lenovo G50-80-80E502XVCF
    ERASER Z70 G50-45-80E301S4AU G70-70(80HW002SUS) Lenovo IdeaPad G400s Series ERASER Z70-70 G50-45-80E3023GAU G70-70(80HW005RGE) Lenovo S510p Touch Series ERASER Z70-80 G50-45-AEI G70-70(80HW006FGE) Lenovo Z40
    G400s G50-45-ASI G70-70(80HW006JGE) Lenovo Z50
    G400s Series G50-45-E0N G70-70(80HW007NGE) S40-70(80GQ0005RK)
    G400s Touch G50-45-QC G70-70(80HW0088GE) S40-70(80GQ000QRK)
    G400s Touch Series G505s G70-70(80HW0089GE) S40-70(80GQ000TCK)
    G400s(59-375144) G505s Series G70-80(80FF) S410p
    G400s(59-382396) G505s Touch G70-80(80FF0029GE) S410p Series
    G400s(59-383636) G505s(59393082) G70-80(80FF002AGE) S410p Touch
    G400s(59-383679) G505s(59401773) G70-80(80FF002BGE) S410p Touch Series
    G400s(59-392001) G505s-20255 G70-80(80FF0094GE) S510p
    G40-30 G50-70(59423397) G70-80(80FF00BAGE) S510p Series
    G40-30-80FY00DHAU G50-70(59424215) G70-80(80FF00FFGE) S510p Touch
    G40-30-NTH G50-70(59424799) G70-80(80FF00G6GE) S510p(20298)
    G40-30-NTW G50-70(59424800) G70-80(80FF00H0GE) SR1000AT-ISE
    G40-45 G50-70(59426467) G70-80(80FF00KUGE) V1000 FHD-ISE
    G40-45-80E1002UCD G50-70(59427095) IdeaPad 20245 V1000AT-ISE
    G40-45-AEI G50-70(59427103) IdeaPad 20250 V1070-FX-7500 4G
    G40-45-ASI G50-70(59427213) IdeaPad 20255 V1070-FXSE
    G40-45-E0N G50-70(59427214) IdeaPad 20298 V2000-ISE
    G40-45-ETW G50-70(59427215) IdeaPad 20354 V3000-ISE
    G405s G50-70(59427216) IdeaPad G400s Z40-59422614
    G405s Series G50-70(59431557) IdeaPad G400s Series Z40-70
    G405s Touch G50-70(59440786) IdeaPad G400s Touch Z40-70(59425584)
    G405s Touch Series G50-70(59441257) IdeaPad G400s Touch Series Z40-75
    G405s(59-387579) G50-70(59443619) IdeaPad G40-45 Z40-75(80DW)
    G405s(59-390637) G50-70-59411117 IdeaPad G405s Z50-70
    G40-70 G50-70-59411118 IdeaPad G405s Series Z50-70(1351548)
    G40-70AM-IFI G50-70-59411119 IdeaPad G405s Touch Z50-70(20354)
    G40-70AT-CTW G50-70-59435089 IdeaPad G405s Touch Series Z50-70(59415168)
    G40-70AT-IFI G50-70AT-IFI IdeaPad G410s Z50-70(59421169)
    G40-70AT-ITH G50-70AT-ISE IdeaPad G410s Series Z50-70(59424259)
    G40-70AT-PTH G50-70AT-ITH IdeaPad G410s Touch Z50-70(59424261)
    G40-70MA-IFI G50-70AT-PTH IdeaPad G410s Touch Series Z50-70(59424262)
    G40-70MA-ITH G50-70MA-CTW IdeaPad G450S Touch Z50-70(59424715)
    G40-70MA-PTH G50-70MA-IFI IdeaPad G500s Z50-70(59424716)
    G40-70M-IFI G50-70MA-ISE IdeaPad G500s Series Z50-70(59427654)
    G40-70M-ITH G50-70MA-ITH IdeaPad G500s Touch Z50-70(59427812)
    G40-75-ATE G50-70MA-PTH IdeaPad G500s Touch Series Z50-70(59427893)
    G40-80 G50-70M-ITH IdeaPad G50-30 Z50-70(59428675)
    G40-80(80E4) G50-75mA-ATE IdeaPad G50-45 Z50-70(59429174)
    G40-80(80KY) G50-80(80E3007FUS) IdeaPad G505s Z50-70(59441113)
    G410s G50-80(80E5) IdeaPad G505s Series Z50-70-59432713
    G410s Series G50-80(80E5009LKR) IdeaPad G505s Touch Z50-70-59433089
    G410s Touch G50-80(80E5009MKR) IdeaPad G505s Touch Series Z50-70-59436278
    G410s Touch Series G50-80(80E501CNGE) IdeaPad G50-70 Z50-70-59441701
    G41-25 G50-80(80E501EBGE) IdeaPad G50-70A Z50-70-59441792
    G41-35-80M7001NAU G50-80(80E501N8GE) IdeaPad G50-70M Z50-75
    G41-35-80M7001PAU G50-80(80E501WWGE) IdeaPad G50-75 Z50-75(80EC000NGE)
    G500s G50-80(80E50202GE) IdeaPad G50-80 Z50-75(80EC001D)
    G500s Series G50-80(80E50270GE) IdeaPad G510s Z50-75(80EC001EGE)
    G500s Touch G50-80(80E50271GE) IdeaPad G510s Series Z50-75(80EC001FGE)
    G500s Touch Series G50-80(80E502JBGE) IdeaPad G510s Touch Z50-75(80EC00ASGE)
    G500s(20245) G50-80(80E502U6GE) IdeaPad G510s Touch Series Z50-75(80EC00GMGE) G500s(59381251) G50-80(80E5036TGE) IdeaPad S410p Z70-80
    G500s(59393076) G50-80(80E5039SGE) IdeaPad S410p Series Z70-80(80FG)
    G500s-59367693 G50-80(80E5039UGE) IdeaPad S410p Touch Z70-80(80FG005BUS)
    G50-30(80G0) G50-80(80E5039VGE) IdeaPad S410p Touch Series Z70 80(80FG005EUS) G50-30(80G0002JGE) G50-80(80L0009VGE) IdeaPad S410p-00397 Z70-80(80FG005FUS) G50-30(80G0005NGE) G50-80(80L000HFGE) IdeaPad S435 Z70-80(80FG005GUS) G50-30(80G00093GE)

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