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Lenovo 45N1128 ThinkPad T440 T450 T460 T550 X240 X250 X260 X270 External Replacement Laptop Battery 68 3 Cells

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Description Lenovo 45N1128 ThinkPad T440 T450 T460 T550 X240 X250 X260 X270 External Replacement Laptop Battery 68 3 Cells specification: ⦁ Battery Type: Li-ion⦁ Capacity:2060 mAh/24 Wh⦁ Voltage: 11.4 V...

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Lenovo 45N1128 ThinkPad T440 T450 T460 T550 X240 X250 X260 X270 External Replacement Laptop Battery 68 3 Cells


⦁ Battery Type: Li-ion
⦁ Capacity:2060 mAh/24 Wh
⦁ Voltage: 11.4 V
⦁ Cell: 3 Cells

compatible part number:

00HW033, 00HW034, 0C52861, 0C52862, 121500146, 121500147, 121500148, 121500152, 121500212, 121500213, 121500214, 3icp7/38/65, 45N1124, 45N1125, 45N1126, 45N1127, 45N1128, 45N1129, 45N1130, 45N1131, 45N1132, 45N1133, 45N1134, 45N1135, 45N1136, 45N1137, 45N1160, 45N1734, 45N1735, 45N1736, 45N1737, 45N1738, 45N1767, 45N1775, 45N1777, 5B10G09007, 5B10G10726, L12L3P53, L12M6Z53, L14M6F01, L14S6F01, SB10F46471, SB10F46472

compatible model:

K21-80 ThinkPad T450(20BVA012CD) ThinkPad T550(20CK0004GE)
ThinkPad X250 20CL00A
K2450-ISE ThinkPad T450(20BVA013CD) ThinkPad T550(20CK003EGE) ThinkPad X250 20CLA01XCD
T460P-0PCD ThinkPad T450(20BVA014CD) ThinkPad T550(20CKA00DCD) ThinkPad X250 20CLA01YCD
T460P-0WCD ThinkPad T450(20BVA016CD) ThinkPad T550(20CKA00HCD) ThinkPad X250 20CLA021CD
T460P-0XCD ThinkPad T450(20BVA01HCD) ThinkPad T550(20CKA00TCD) ThinkPad X250 20CLA06BCD
T460P-2UCD ThinkPad T450(20BVA01KCD) ThinkPad T560(20FH 20FJ ThinkPad X250 20CLA06CCD
ThinkPad L450 20DS0005 ThinkPad T450(20BVA02TCD) ThinkPad T560(20FH0022GE) ThinkPad X250 20CLA07NCD
ThinkPad L450 20DT0000 ThinkPad T450(20BVA03NCD) ThinkPad T560(20FJS27D00) ThinkPad X250 20CLA07PCD
ThinkPad L450(20DSA01YCD) ThinkPad T450(20BVA03YCD) ThinkPad W550s 20E2000 ThinkPad X250 20CLA0GMCD
ThinkPad L450(20DSA02JCD) ThinkPad T450(20BVA044CD) ThinkPad X240 20AK ThinkPad X250 20CM001
ThinkPad L450(20DSA063CD) ThinkPad T450s 20BW000 ThinkPad X240 20AL001 ThinkPad X250 20CM0050
ThinkPad L450(20DSA065CD) ThinkPad T450s 20BX00 ThinkPad X240 20AL00B ThinkPad X250(20CLA01VCD)
ThinkPad L450(20DSA078CD) ThinkPad T450s(20BX002TCD) ThinkPad X240 20AL00D ThinkPad X250(20CLA01WCD)
ThinkPad L470(20J4000KGE) ThinkPad T450s(20BXA00RCD) ThinkPad X240 20AM004 ThinkPad X250(20CLA01WCD)
ThinkPad P50s(20FLA005CD) ThinkPad T450s(20BXA00UCD) ThinkPad X240(20AL0020CD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA01XCD)
ThinkPad P50s(20FLA006CD) ThinkPad T450s(20BXA011CD) ThinkPad X240(20ALA0CQCD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA021CD)
ThinkPad P50s(20FLA007CD) ThinkPad T450s(20BXA03CCD) ThinkPad X240(20ALA0CQCD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA06BCD)
ThinkPad P50s(20FLA00VCD) ThinkPad T460 20FM00 ThinkPad X240(20ALA0CRCD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA07NCD)
ThinkPad T440 20B6 ThinkPad T460 20FN003 ThinkPad X240(20ALA0CSCD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA08LCD)
ThinkPad T440 20B6005 ThinkPad T460(20FNA01WCD) ThinkPad X240(20ALA0E4CD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA08LCD)
ThinkPad T440 20B7003 ThinkPad T460(20FNA021CD) ThinkPad X240(20ALA0EYCD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA0MBCD)
ThinkPad T440 20B7005 ThinkPad T460(20FNA023CD) ThinkPad X240(20ALA0GVCD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA108CD)
ThinkPad T440 20B7008 ThinkPad T460(20FNA02ACD) ThinkPad X240(20ALA0GWCD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA1VGCD)
ThinkPad T440 6006 ThinkPad T460(20FNA02FCD) ThinkPad X240(20ALA0H4CD) ThinkPad X250(20CLA25JCD)
ThinkPad T440 7000 ThinkPad T460(20FNA02GCD) ThinkPad X240(20ALS00A00) ThinkPad X250(20CLA260CD)
ThinkPad T440s 20AQ-S00500 ThinkPad T460(20FNA040CD) ThinkPad X240(20ALS00D00) ThinkPad X250(20CLA261CD)
ThinkPad T440s 20AR000

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