Lenovo ThinkPad E431(62771A7), ThinkPad E440(20C5A0BGCD) Replacement Laptop Battery

Lenovo ThinkPad E431(62771A7), ThinkPad E440(20C5A0BGCD) Replacement Laptop Battery

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    Lenovo ThinkPad E431(62771A7), ThinkPad E440(20C5A0BGCD) Replacement Laptop Battery


    ⦁ Battery Type: Lithium-lon
    ⦁ Voltage: 10.8 V

    compatible part number:

    ⦁ 121000675, 121500047, 121500048, 121500049, 121500050, 121500051, 121500052, 121500053, 121500266, 0C52858, 3INR19/65-2, 45N1042, 45N1043, 45N1044, 45N1045, 45N1046, 45N1047, 45N1048, 45N1049, 45N1050, 45N1051, 45N1052, 45N1054, 45N1055, ASM 45N1042, ASM 45N1048, ASM 45N1050, ASM 45N1052, ASM 45N1054, FRU 45N1043, FRU 45N1044, FRU 45N1045, FRU 45N1047, FRU 45N1049, FRU 45N1051, FRU 45N1053, FRU 45N1055, L08M6D22, L1036F01, L116Y01, L11L6F01, L11L6R01, L11L6Y01, L11M6F01, L11M6Y01, L11N6R01, L11N6Y01, L11O6Y01, L11P6R01, L11S6F01, L11S6Y01, L13C6Y01, LC 121500047, 0A36311

    compatible model:

    B4308 M495 Series ThinkPad E440(20C5A084CD) ThinkPad E540(20C60014CD)
    B4309 ThinkPad B440A ThinkPad E440(20C5A085CD) ThinkPad E540(20C60016CD)
    B4310 ThinkPad E431(62771A4) ThinkPad E440(20C5A08ECD) ThinkPad E540(20C60017CD)
    B4311A ThinkPad E431(62771A5) ThinkPad E440(20C5A08JCD) ThinkPad E540(20C6001A00)
    B4322 ThinkPad E431(62771A6) ThinkPad E440(20C5A08KCD) ThinkPad E540(20C6001CCD)
    B480A-IFI ThinkPad E431(62771A7) ThinkPad E440(20C5A08LCD) ThinkPad E540(20C6001KCD)
    B480A-ITH ThinkPad E431(62771A8) ThinkPad E440(20C5A09YCD) ThinkPad E540(20C6001LCD)
    B480G-ITH ThinkPad E431(62771A9) ThinkPad E440(20C5A0BFCD) ThinkPad E540(20C6004FCD)

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    AED: 90.0

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    Compatible Part Number


    Compatible Model Number

    ThinkPad E431(62771Z5), B5400(80B6) ThinkPad E431(62771B0) ThinkPad E440(20C5A0BGCD) ThinkPad E540(20C600900)
    B5400(MB82JGE) ThinkPad E431(62771B1) ThinkPad E440(20C5A0BWCD) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0B5CD)
    B580A-IFI ThinkPad E431(62771B2) ThinkPad E440(20C5A0F3CD) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0B6CD)
    B580A-ITH ThinkPad E431(62771B3) ThinkPad E440(20C5A0FMCD) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0B7CD)
    B580-M94A5GE ThinkPad E431(62771B5) ThinkPad E440(20C5A0GVCD) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0B9CD)
    B590(6274) ThinkPad E431(62771B6) ThinkPad E440(20C5A0KVCD) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0DWCD)
    B590(62742PG) ThinkPad E431(62771B7) ThinkPad E440(20C5S00900) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0EKCD)
    B590(MBX2JGE) ThinkPad E431(62771D1) ThinkPad E440(20C5S00F00) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0ELCD)
    B590(MBX2QGE) ThinkPad E431(62771D2) ThinkPad E440(20C5S00N00) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0FKCD)
    E49 Series ThinkPad E431(62771D7) ThinkPad E440(20C5S00R00) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0FLCD)
    G485AX ThinkPad E431(62771E0) ThinkPad E440(20C5S02C00) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0FMCD)
    G485GX ThinkPad E431(62771E1) ThinkPad E440(20C5S02E00) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0HFCD)
    G50020236 ThinkPad E431(62771E2) ThinkPad E440(20C5S02F00) ThinkPad E540(20C6A0HGCD)
    G500AT-IFI Series ThinkPad E431(62771E3) ThinkPad E440(20C5S02G00) ThinkPad E540(20C6S00A00)
    G510AT-IFI ThinkPad E431(62771E4) ThinkPad E440(20C5S02X00) ThinkPad E540(20CA0B9CD)
    G710(59401779) ThinkPad E431(62771E5) ThinkPad E440(20C5S02Y00) ThinkPad E545(20B20001CD)
    G710(59429395) ThinkPad E431(62771E6) ThinkPad E4430A ThinkPad E545(20B20005CD)
    G710(80AH) ThinkPad E431(62771E7) ThinkPad E445(20B10002CD) ThinkPad E545(20B20007CU)
    G71059397112 ThinkPad E431(62771E8) ThinkPad E445(20B1000400) ThinkPad E545(20B20008CU)
    IdeaPad B480 Series ThinkPad E431(62771G0) ThinkPad E445(20B1000500) ThinkPad E545(20B2000BCU)
    IdeaPad B485 ThinkPad E431(62771H6) ThinkPad E445(20B10005CD) ThinkPad E545(20B2S00000)
    IdeaPad B495 ThinkPad E431(62771J3) ThinkPad E445(20B10006CU) ThinkPad E545(20B2S00100)
    IdeaPad B580 Series ThinkPad E431(62771K1) ThinkPad E445(20B10007CU) ThinkPad E545(20B2S00300)
    IdeaPad B585 ThinkPad E431(62771K6) ThinkPad E445(20B10008CU) ThinkPad E545(20B2S00500)
    IdeaPad B585 Series ThinkPad E431(62771L0) ThinkPad E445(20B1000A00) ThinkPad E545(20B2S00900)
    IdeaPad B590E ThinkPad E431(62771L5) ThinkPad E445(20B1000BCU) ThinkPad E545(20B2S00A00)
    IdeaPad B595 ThinkPad E431(62771L6) ThinkPad E445(20B1000CCU) ThinkPad E545(20B2S00D00)
    IdeaPad G380 ThinkPad E431(62771N5) ThinkPad E445(20B1S00C00) ThinkPad Edge E130 3358CTO
    IdeaPad G480 2184-22U ThinkPad E431(62771Q3) ThinkPad E445(20B1S00E00) ThinkPad Edge E430 32543TM
    IdeaPad G480 2184-27U ThinkPad E431(62771R8) ThinkPad E445(20B1S00FCD) ThinkPad Edge E430 3254DYM
    IdeaPad G480 2184-3NU ThinkPad E431(62771T2) ThinkPad E450(20DCA003CD) ThinkPad Edge E430 3254GNM
    IdeaPad G480 2184-3PU ThinkPad E431(62771T3) ThinkPad E450(20DCA00BCD) ThinkPad Edge E430c(336547U)
    IdeaPad G480 2688-2AU ThinkPad E431(62771T5) ThinkPad E450(20DCA00CCD) ThinkPad Edge E431 62771G7
    IdeaPad G480 2688-2LU ThinkPad E431(62771T7) ThinkPad E450(20DCA00UCD) ThinkPad Edge E431 62771J9
    IdeaPad G480 2688-2NU ThinkPad E431(62771U0) ThinkPad E450(20DCA00YCD) ThinkPad Edge E431 62779VM
    IdeaPad G480 2814 ThinkPad E431(62771U6) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01HCD) ThinkPad Edge E431 68861D1
    IdeaPad G480A ThinkPad E431(62771V8) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01KCD) ThinkPad Edge E431-6886CTO
    IdeaPad G580 2189-82U ThinkPad E431(62771W1) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01MCD) ThinkPad Edge E435(3256-A29)
    IdeaPad G580 2189-88U ThinkPad E431(62771W2) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01NCD) ThinkPad Edge E440 20C5002GAU
    IdeaPad G580 2189-8AU ThinkPad E431(62771W4) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01PCD) ThinkPad Edge E440 20C5002JAU
    IdeaPad G580 2189-8CU ThinkPad E431(62771Y1) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01QCD) ThinkPad Edge E440 20C5A0GYAU
    IdeaPad G580 2689-38U ThinkPad E431(62771Z3) ThinkPad E450(20DCA023CD) ThinkPad Edge E440 20C5CTO1WW
    IdeaPad G580 2689-3DU ThinkPad E431(62771Z5) ThinkPad E450(20DCA026CD) ThinkPad Edge E440(20C50052US)
    IdeaPad G580 2819 ThinkPad E431(62771Z8) ThinkPad E450(20DCA028CD) ThinkPad Edge E530 32592D4
    IdeaPad G580(59374790)