Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E135, Thinkpad X140e 0A36292 Replacement Laptop Battery

Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E135, Thinkpad X140e 0A36292 Replacement Laptop Battery

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    Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E135, Thinkpad X140e 0A36292 Replacement Laptop Battery


    ⦁ Battery Type: Lithium-lon

    compatible part number:

    ⦁ 0A36290, 0A36292, 3INR19/65-2, 42T4943, 42T4945, 42T4947, 42T4948, 42T4949, 42T4951, 42T4952, 42T4957, 42T4958, 42T4959, 42T4960, 42T4961, 42T4962, 45N1056, 45N1057, 45N1058, 45N1059, 45N1060, 45N1061, 45N1062, 45N1063, 45N1174, 45N1176, ASM42T4948, ASM42T4958, ASM42T4960, ASM42T4962, ASMP/N42T4952, FRU42T4947, FRU42T4957, FRU42T4959, FRU42T4961, FRUP/N42T4951

    compatible model:

    Edge E130 NZUAXMB Thinkpad Edge E135 3359 Thinkpad Edge E330 3354CTO
    Thinkpad X131e(3367-762U)
    Thinkpad 3354-ATG Thinkpad Edge E135(NZV63GE) Thinkpad Edge E330(NZSALGE) Thinkpad X131e(3367-78AU)
    Thinkpad 3354-AVG Thinkpad Edge E135(NZV64GE) Thinkpad Edge E335 Thinkpad X131e(3367-78XM)
    Thinkpad 3354-DSG Thinkpad Edge E135(NZV68GE Thinkpad Edge E335(NZT64GE) Thinkpad X131e(3367-78ZM)
    Thinkpad 3358 Thinkpad Edge E135(NZV6EGE) Thinkpad Edge L330 Thinkpad X131e(3367-792M)

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    AED: 180.0

    Compatible Part Number


    Compatible Model Number

    Thinkpad E120 Thinkpad Edge E135(NZV6ZGE) Thinkpad Edge L330(3470) Thinkpad X131e(3367-795M)
    Thinkpad E120 30434NC Thinkpad Edge E135(NZV7FGE) Thinkpad X121e Thinkpad X131e(3367-797M)
    Thinkpad E120 30434SC Thinkpad Edge E145 Thinkpad X121e(3045-563M) Thinkpad X131e(3367-79AU)
    Thinkpad E120 30434TC Thinkpad Edge E145(20BC0000GE) Thinkpad X121e(3045-5CTO) Thinkpad X131e(3367-79HM)
    Thinkpad E125 Thinkpad Edge E145(20BC0005GE) Thinkpad X121e(3048-82LM) Thinkpad X131e(3367-7A52)
    Thinkpad E145(20BC000ACD) Thinkpad Edge E145(20BC0006GE) Thinkpad X121e(3048-82MM) Thinkpad X131e(3367-7A59)
    Thinkpad E145(20BC000BCD) Thinkpad Edge E320 129834M Thinkpad X121e(3048-8CTO) Thinkpad X131e(3367-7AD3)
    Thinkpad E145(20BC000CCD) Thinkpad Edge E320 129835M Thinkpad X130e Thinkpad X131e(3367-7AD5)
    Thinkpad E145(20BC000GCD) Thinkpad Edge E320 12983BM Thinkpad X130e(0622-RZ2) Thinkpad X131e(3367-7AF9)
    Thinkpad E145(20BC000HCD) Thinkpad Edge E320 12984YM Thinkpad X130e(0622-RZ8) Thinkpad X131e(3367-7AH5)
    Thinkpad E145(20BC000JCD) Thinkpad Edge E320 12984ZM Thinkpad X130e(0627-A41) Thinkpad X131e(3367-7AJ5)
    Thinkpad E145(20BCA01HCD) Thinkpad Edge E320 Series Thinkpad X130e(0627-RZ4) Thinkpad X131e(3367-7AQ2)
    Thinkpad E145(20BCA01RCD) Thinkpad Edge E320(1297) Thinkpad X130e(0629) Thinkpad X131e(3367-7AQ9)
    Thinkpad E145(20BCA01SCD) Thinkpad Edge E320(1298) Thinkpad X130e(2338) Thinkpad X131e(3367-7CTO)
    Thinkpad E320 Thinkpad Edge E320(NWY3SGE) Thinkpad X130e(2340) Thinkpad X131e(3367AE9)
    Thinkpad E325 Thinkpad Edge E320(NWY5LGE) Thinkpad X131e Thinkpad X131e(33685JG)
    Thinkpad E330 22555003 Thinkpad Edge E320(NWY7ZGE) Thinkpad X131e(3367-71Q1) Thinkpad X131e(3368-83AU)
    Thinkpad E335 Thinkpad Edge E320(NWY82GE) Thinkpad X131e(3367-71S4) Thinkpad X131e(3368-83UM)
    Thinkpad Edge E120 Series Thinkpad Edge E320(NWYA7GE) Thinkpad X131e(3367-71V7) Thinkpad X131e(3368-85AU)
    Thinkpad Edge E120(304344A) Thinkpad Edge E320(NWYA8GE) Thinkpad X131e(3367-72A9) Thinkpad X131e(3368-8CTO)
    Thinkpad Edge E120(30436GA) Thinkpad Edge E325 Series Thinkpad X131e(3367-72B8) Thinkpad X131e(3368CTO)
    Thinkpad Edge E120(3043RZ4) Thinkpad Edge E325(1297-2FG) Thinkpad X131e(3367-72C1) Thinkpad X131e(3369)
    Thinkpad Edge E120(3043RZ8) Thinkpad Edge E325(1297-2UG) Thinkpad X131e(3367-72E7) Thinkpad X131e(3369-91A3)
    Thinkpad Edge E125 Series Thinkpad Edge E325(NWX2FGE) Thinkpad X131e(3367-72F3) Thinkpad X131e(3369-91A4)
    Thinkpad Edge E125(303536A) Thinkpad Edge E325(NWX2TGE) Thinkpad X131e(3367-72G0) Thinkpad X131e(3369-91L1)
    Thinkpad Edge E130 3358 Thinkpad Edge E325(NWX3MGE) Thinkpad X131e(3367-72H6) Thinkpad X131e(3369-9A34)
    Thinkpad Edge E130 335820U Thinkpad Edge E330 Thinkpad X131e(3367-72J0) Thinkpad X131e(3369-9A37)
    Thinkpad Edge E130 33582DM Thinkpad Edge E330 33542LM Thinkpad X131e(3367-72K5) Thinkpad X131e(3369-9A56)
    Thinkpad Edge E130 33587VM Thinkpad Edge E330 33542NM Thinkpad X131e(3367-72L0) Thinkpad X131e(3369-9A62)
    Thinkpad Edge E130 335897M Thinkpad Edge E330 33542QM Thinkpad X131e(3367-72N0) Thinkpad X131e(3369-9A66)
    Thinkpad Edge E130 3358A98 Thinkpad Edge E330 33542SM Thinkpad X131e(3367-72N1) Thinkpad X131e(3371)
    Thinkpad Edge E130 3358CTO Thinkpad Edge E330 33542TM Thinkpad X131e(3367-72RM) Thinkpad X131e(3372-22AU)
    Thinkpad Edge E130 Series Thinkpad Edge E330 3354AB6 Thinkpad X131e(3367-72SM) Thinkpad X131e(3372-23AU)
    Thinkpad Edge E130(33585GG) Thinkpad Edge E330 3354ACM Thinkpad X131e(3367-72W0) Thinkpad X131e(3372-2A11)
    Thinkpad Edge E130(8GBNZU5GGE) Thinkpad Edge E330 3354ADM Thinkpad X131e(3367-72W1) Thinkpad X131e(33722VU)
    Thinkpad Edge E130(BNZU87GE) Thinkpad Edge E330 3354AE8 Thinkpad X131e(3367-73AU) Thinkpad X131e(3374)
    Thinkpad Edge E130(NZU5DGE) Thinkpad Edge E330 3354AL5 Thinkpad X131e(3367-73TM) Thinkpad X131e(6283-31B0)
    Thinkpad Edge E130(NZU5FGE) Thinkpad Edge E330 3354AM1 Thinkpad X131e(3367-73UM) Thinkpad X131e(N2U5JGE)
    Thinkpad Edge E130(NZU87GE) Thinkpad Edge E330 3354CFM Thinkpad X131e(3367-73VM) Thinkpad X140e
    Thinkpad Edge E130(NZU8CGE) Thinkpad Edge E330 3354CHM Thinkpad X131e(3367-73WM)

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