Lenovo Thinkpad L410 L412 L420 L421 L510 L512 L520 T410 T410i T420 T510 T520 T510i Replacement Laptop Battery

Lenovo Thinkpad L410 L412 L420 L421 L510 L512 L520 T410 T410i T420 T510 T520 T510i Replacement Laptop Battery

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    Lenovo Thinkpad L410 L412 L420 L421 L510 L512 L520 T410 T410i T420 T510 T520 T510i Replacement Laptop Battery


    ⦁ Battery Type: Lithium-lon

    compatible part number:

    ⦁ 45N1000, 45N1001, 45N1002, 45N1003, 45N1004, 45N1005, 51J0498, 51J0499, 51J0500, 51JO5OO, 51JO498, 51JO499, 57Y4185, 57Y4186, 57Y4545, ASM 42T4703, ASM 42T4711, ASM 42T4740, ASM 42T4752, ASM 42T4754, ASM 42T4756, ASM 42T4790, ASM 42T4792, ASM 42T4794, ASM 42T4796, ASM 45N1000, ASM 45N1006, ASM P/N 42T4740, FRU 42T4702, FRU 42T4704, FRU 42T4706, FRU 42T4708, FRU 42T4710, FRU 42T4712, FRU 42T4714, FRU 42T4731, FRU 42T4735, FRU 42T4737, FRU 42T4739, FRU 42T4751, FRU 42T4753, FRU 42T4755, FRU 42T4758, FRU 42T4791, FRU 42T4793, FRU 42T4795, FRU 42T4797, FRU 42T4799, FRU 42T4801, FRU 42T4817, FRU 42T4819, FRU 42T4848, FRU 42T4851, FRU 42T4853, FRU 42T4925, FRU 42T4927, FRU 45N1003, FRU 45N1005, FRU 45N1007, FRU 45N1009, FRU 45N1011, FRU 57Y4545, FRU P/N 42T4739, OA36302, 0A36303, 40Y7625, 42T47O2, 42T47O3, 42T47O4, 42T47O5, 42T47O6, 42T47O8, 42T47O9, 42T48O1, 42T48O2, 42T48O3, 42T471O, 42T479O, 42T485O, 42T4235, 42T4705, 42T4708, 42T4709, 42T4710, 42T4711, 42T4712, 42T4713, 42T4714, 42T4715, 42T4731, 42T4732, 42T4733, 42T4734, 42T4735, 42T4736, 42T4737, 42T4738, 42T4739, 42T4740, 42T4751, 42T4752, 42T4755, 42T4756, 42T4757, 42T4758, 42T4763, 42T4764, 42T4765, 42T4766, 42T4790, 42T4791, 42T4798, 42T4799, 42T4801, 42T4819, 42T4838, 42T4839, 42T4848, 42T4849, 42T4850, 42T4851, 42T4852, 42T4883, 42T4885, 42T4887, 42T4911, 42T4912, 42T4913, 42T4921, 42T4923, 42T4925, 42T4927, 42T4969, 42t5263

    compatible model:

    Edge 14 05787UJ T420(4180Q8C) ThinkPad T420(4179GVC) ThinkPad T420(4236FZ3)
    Edge 14 05787VJ T420(4180Q9C) ThinkPad T420(4179GWC) ThinkPad T420(4236H20)
    Edge 14 05787WJ T420(4180RW1) ThinkPad T420(418062C) ThinkPad T420(4236HQ6)
    Edge 14 05787XJ T420(42364N7) ThinkPad T420(418065C) ThinkPad T420(4236HY2)
    Edge 14 05787YJ T420(423664C) ThinkPad T420(4180A65) ThinkPad T420(4236L56)
    Edge E420 T420(4236DZ4) ThinkPad T420(4180AE3) ThinkPad T420(4236PRC)
    Edge E520 T420(4236ED8) ThinkPad T420(4180AE4) ThinkPad T420I T420(4179A47) T420(4236EJ1) ThinkPad T420(4180AE5) ThinkPad T430 T420(4179AC8) T420(4236EZ7) ThinkPad T420(4180AF1) 

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    AED: 90.0

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    Compatible Part Number


    Compatible Model Number

    ThinkPad T420(4179AC8) ThinkPad T430i
    T420(4179AC9) T420(4236FZ3) ThinkPad T420(4180AV5) ThinkPad T510
    T420(4179GVC) T420(4236H20) ThinkPad T420(4180AV6) ThinkPad T510I
    T420(4179GWC) T420(4236HQ6) ThinkPad T420(4180AY1) ThinkPad T520
    T420(418062C) T420(4236HY2) ThinkPad T420(4180AY2) ThinkPad T520I
    T420(418065C) T420(4236L56) ThinkPad T420(4180BR3) ThinkPad T530
    T420(4180A65) T420(4236PRC) ThinkPad T420(4180CR7) ThinkPad T530 2429
    T420(4180AE3) T530 2429 ThinkPad T420(4180CR8) ThinkPad T530i
    T420(4180AE4) ThinkPad E40 ThinkPad T420(4180ES4) ThinkPad W510
    T420(4180AE5) ThinkPad E50 ThinkPad T420(4180ET9) ThinkPad W510(43192KM)
    T420(4180AF1) ThinkPad Edge 0578-47B ThinkPad T420(4180EU1) ThinkPad W510(43193GC)
    T420(4180AV5) ThinkPad Edge 14 05787UJ ThinkPad T420(4180EV5) ThinkPad W510(43193PC)
    T420(4180AV6) ThinkPad Edge 14 05787VJ ThinkPad T420(4180F11) ThinkPad W510(4319A16)
    T420(4180AY1) ThinkPad Edge 14 05787WJ ThinkPad T420(4180FR5) ThinkPad W510(4319A17)
    T420(4180AY2) ThinkPad Edge 14 05787XJ ThinkPad T420(4180G31) ThinkPad W510(4319A18)
    T420(4180BR3) ThinkPad Edge 14 05787YJ ThinkPad T420(4180G67) ThinkPad W510(4319A19)
    T420(4180CR7) ThinkPad Edge 15 ThinkPad T420(4180G68) ThinkPad W510(4319A21)
    T420(4180CR8) ThinkPad Edge E420 ThinkPad T420(4180HB8) ThinkPad W510(4319A28)
    T420(4180ES4) ThinkPad EDGE E425 ThinkPad T420(4180HN6) ThinkPad W510(4319A29)
    T420(4180ET9) ThinkPad Edge E520 ThinkPad T420(4180J4C) ThinkPad W510(4319A31)
    T420(4180EU1) ThinkPad EDGE E525 ThinkPad T420(4180K17) ThinkPad W510(4319A35)
    T420(4180EV5) ThinkPad L410 ThinkPad T420(4180LZC) ThinkPad W510(4319A36)
    T420(4180F11) ThinkPad L412 ThinkPad T420(4180MMC) ThinkPad W510(4319A37)
    T420(4180FR5) ThinkPad L420 ThinkPad T420(4180N5C) ThinkPad W510(4391B48)
    T420(4180G31) ThinkPad L421 ThinkPad T420(4180N9C) ThinkPad W510(4391D54)
    T420(4180G67) ThinkPad L430 ThinkPad T420(4180NC5) ThinkPad W520
    T420(4180G68) ThinkPad L510 ThinkPad T420(4180PKC) ThinkPad W530
    T420(4180HB8) ThinkPad L512 ThinkPad T420(4180PLC) W510(43192KM)
    T420(4180HN6) ThinkPad L520 ThinkPad T420(4180PMC) W510(43193GC)
    T420(4180J4C) ThinkPad L530 ThinkPad T420(4180PNC) W510(43193PC)
    T420(4180K17) ThinkPad SL410 ThinkPad T420(4180PPC) W510(4319A16)
    T420(4180LZC) ThinkPad SL410 2842 ThinkPad T420(4180PQC) W510(4319A17)
    T420(4180MMC) ThinkPad SL410 2874 ThinkPad T420(4180PSC) W510(4319A18)
    T420(4180N5C) ThinkPad SL410K 2842 ThinkPad T420(4180Q7C) W510(4319A19)
    T420(4180N9C) ThinkPad SL510 ThinkPad T420(4180Q8C) W510(4319A21)
    T420(4180NC5) ThinkPad SL510 2847 ThinkPad T420(4180Q9C) W510(4319A28)
    T420(4180PKC) ThinkPad SL510 2875 ThinkPad T420(4180RW1) W510(4319A29)
    T420(4180PLC) ThinkPad T410 ThinkPad T420(42364N7) W510(4319A31)
    T420(4180PMC) ThinkPad T410I ThinkPad T420(423664C) W510(4319A35)
    T420(4180PNC) ThinkPad T420 ThinkPad T420(4236DZ4) W510(4319A36)
    T420(4180PPC) ThinkPad T420(4179A47) ThinkPad T420(4236ED8) W510(4319A37)
    T420(4180PQC) ThinkPad T420(4179AC8) ThinkPad T420(4236EJ1) W510(4391B48)
    T420(4180PSC) ThinkPad T420(4179AC9) ThinkPad T420(4236EZ7) W510(4391D54)