Lenovo ThinkPad T470 T480 T570 T580 01AV425, 01AV428, 01AV492, SB10K97585 61+ Replacement Laptop Battery

Lenovo ThinkPad T470 T480 T570 T580 01AV425, 01AV428, 01AV492, SB10K97585 61+ Replacement Laptop Battery

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    Lenovo ThinkPad T470 T480 T570 T580 01AV425, 01AV428, 01AV492, SB10K97585 61+ Replacement Laptop Battery


    ⦁ Battery Type: Li-ion
    ⦁ Capacity:4400 mAh/48 Wh
    ⦁ Voltage: 10.8 V
    ⦁ Cell: 6 Cells

    compatible part number:

    ⦁ 01AV422, 01AV423, 01AV424, 01AV425, 01AV426, 01AV427, 01AV428, 01AV452, 01AV490, 01AV491, 4X50M08812, SB10K97579, SB10K97580, SB10K97581, SB10K97582, SB10K97583, SB10K97584, SB10K97585, SB10K97597

    compatible model:

    T470(20HDCT01WW) ThinkPad T470(20HDA03GCD) ThinkPad T480(20L50019US)
    ThinkPad T480(20L6S2T300) ThinkPad T570(20HAS3UD01)
    T470(20HD-CT01WW) ThinkPad T470(20HDA03KCD) ThinkPad T480(20L5001AUS) ThinkPad T480(20L6S2TU02) ThinkPad T570(20HAS44K00)
    ThinkPad 25 ThinkPad T470(20HDA03YCD) ThinkPad T480(20L5001BUS) ThinkPad T480(20L6S30R04) ThinkPad T570(20HAS4AW00)
    ThinkPad 25 20K7 ThinkPad T470(20HDA05DAU) ThinkPad T480(20L5001CUS) ThinkPad T480(20L6S32G00) ThinkPad T570(20HAS4BD00)
    ThinkPad A275 ThinkPad T470(20HDA05EAU) ThinkPad T480(20L5001DUS) ThinkPad T480(20L6S33J00) ThinkPad T570(20JW)

    We offer the best price for Lenovo ThinkPad T470 T480 T570 T580 01AV425, 01AV428, 01AV492, SB10K97585 61+ Replacement Laptop Battery in UAE.

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    Compatible Part Number


    Compatible Model Number

    ThinkPad A275(20KC/20KD) ThinkPad T470(20HDCTO1WW) ThinkPad T480(20L5001KAU) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3720R) ThinkPad T570(20JW0000AU)
    ThinkPad A275(20KD001BGE) ThinkPad T470(20HDS00900) ThinkPad T480(20L5001LAU) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3C100) ThinkPad T570(20JW000AGE)
    ThinkPad A275(20KD001LGE) ThinkPad T470(20HDS00A00) ThinkPad T480(20L5001QAU) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3ED19) ThinkPad T570(20JW000EMZ)
    ThinkPad A275(20KD001LMZ) ThinkPad T470(20HDS02000) ThinkPad T480(20L5001RCD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3ES00) ThinkPad T570(20JWA005CD)
    ThinkPad A475 ThinkPad T470(20HDS09F00) ThinkPad T480(20L5001SCD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3F50X) ThinkPad T570(20JX)
    ThinkPad A475(20KL/20KM) ThinkPad T470(20HDS0EV00) ThinkPad T480(20L5001TCD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3FJ0J) ThinkPad T570(20JXA006AU)
    ThinkPad A475(20KL0008GE) ThinkPad T470(20HDS0TT00) ThinkPad T480(20L5001YCD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3MD01) ThinkPad T570(20JXA00AAU)
    ThinkPad A475(20KL0008MZ) ThinkPad T470(20HDS1KE00) ThinkPad T480(20L50021CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3N400) ThinkPad T570(20JXA012AU)
    ThinkPad A475(20KL001FGE) ThinkPad T470(20HE) ThinkPad T480(20L5003BAU) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3QM00) ThinkPad T570(20JXS0070C)
    ThinkPad A475(20KLCTO1WW) ThinkPad T470(20HE0004SG) ThinkPad T480(20L5004DAU) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3WE00) ThinkPad T570(20JXS02C00)
    ThinkPad A475(20KMS02A08) ThinkPad T470(20HE0010AU) ThinkPad T480(20L5004HUS) ThinkPad T480(20L6S3WR00) ThinkPad T570(20JXS06J00)
    ThinkPad A475(20KMS05900) ThinkPad T470(20HE0019AU) ThinkPad T480(20L5004SHV) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4410A) ThinkPad T570(20JXS09100)
    ThinkPad A475(20KMS06600) ThinkPad T470(20HE001EAU) ThinkPad T480(20L5004SMH) ThinkPad T480(20L6S49B05) ThinkPad T570(20JXS09E00)
    ThinkPad A475(20KMS08300) ThinkPad T470(20HE001HAU) ThinkPad T480(20L50053CA) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4AF09) ThinkPad T570(20JXS09F0M)
    ThinkPad A475(20KMS0AD0X) ThinkPad T470(20HE001MAU) ThinkPad T480(20L50053US) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4CC00) ThinkPad T570(20JXS0DL01)
    ThinkPad A475(20KMS0NS00) ThinkPad T470(20HE002LAU) ThinkPad T480(20L50054CA) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4D100) ThinkPad T570(20JXS0FK00)
    ThinkPad A475(TYPE 20KL) ThinkPad T470(20HEA027NZ) ThinkPad T480(20L50054US) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4D501) ThinkPad T570(20JXS0GW00)
    ThinkPad A475-20KN 20KQ 20KM 20KL ThinkPad T470(20HEA055AU) ThinkPad T480(20L50056FR) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4EG00) ThinkPad T570(20JXS17C07)
    ThinkPad A485 ThinkPad T470(20HEA06DAU) ThinkPad T480(20L50056MB) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4FK00) ThinkPad T570(20JXS1E900)
    ThinkPad A485(20MU/20MV) ThinkPad T470(20HEA0T2AU) ThinkPad T480(20L50058IX) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4FM00) ThinkPad T570(20JXS1EW00)
    ThinkPad A485(20MU000CGE) ThinkPad T470(20HES04700) ThinkPad T480(20L5005BUS) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4HC0A) ThinkPad T570(20JXS1FX00)
    ThinkPad A485(20MUS04R00) ThinkPad T470(20HES0E73K) ThinkPad T480(20L5005CUS) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4JH00) ThinkPad T570(20JXS1QT00)
    ThinkPad A485(20MV000BAU) ThinkPad T470(20HES0E747) ThinkPad T480(20L5005KUS) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4JW01) ThinkPad T570(20JXS1TB00)
    ThinkPad A485(20MVS03804) ThinkPad T470(20HES0ES1F) ThinkPad T480(20L50063GE) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4KR0N) ThinkPad T570(20JXS1WW00)
    ThinkPad A485(20MVS0380R) ThinkPad T470(20HES0FA1W) ThinkPad T480(20L5A000CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4KU00) ThinkPad T570(20JXS1WY00)
    ThinkPad A485(20MVS06U00) ThinkPad T470(20HES0FA2E) ThinkPad T480(20L5A001CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4L200) ThinkPad T580
    ThinkPad A485(20MVS16215) ThinkPad T470(20HES0FP00) ThinkPad T480(20L5A003CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4L500) ThinkPad T580(20)
    ThinkPad A485-20MW 20MX 20MV 20MU ThinkPad T470(20HES0G702) ThinkPad T480(20L5A004CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4ND00) ThinkPad T580(20L)
    ThinkPad P51S ThinkPad T470(20HES0K819) ThinkPad T480(20L5A005CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4NJ00) ThinkPad T580(20L9)
    ThinkPad P51S(20HB/20HC) ThinkPad T470(20HES0KW06) ThinkPad T480(20L5A006CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4NM0H) ThinkPad T580(20L9/20LA)
    ThinkPad P51S(20HB000SGE) ThinkPad T470(20HES0MV31) ThinkPad T480(20L5A007CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4PB01) ThinkPad T580(20L9000CCD)
    ThinkPad P51S(20HB000SMZ) ThinkPad T470(20HES0MV3Q ThinkPad T480(20L5A008CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4PU0M) ThinkPad T580(20L9000ECD)
    ThinkPad P51S(20HB000UGE) ThinkPad T470(20HES0MV3Q) ThinkPad T480(20L5A009CD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4T806) ThinkPad T580(20L9000JCD)
    ThinkPad P51S(20HB000UMZ) ThinkPad T470(20HES0N10Z) ThinkPad T480(20L5A00DCD) ThinkPad T480(20L6S4T80K) ThinkPad T580(20L9000UAU)
    ThinkPad P51S(20HB000VGE) ThinkPad T470(20HES0RR0E) ThinkPad X250 20CLA01XCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA01YCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA021CD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA06BCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA06CCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA07NCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA07PCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA0GMCD, ThinkPad X250 20CM001, ThinkPad X250 20CM0050, ThinkPad X270 20HM004, ThinkPad X270 20HN002, ThinkPad X270 20K5001, ThinkPad X270 20K6001, X240