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Replacement 19V 1.58A 30W Acer Aspire One AO752H Series Laptop Adapter

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Replacement 19V 1.58A 30W Acer Aspire One AO752H Series Laptop Adapter PRODUCT DETAILS: Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz Output Voltage: 19 V Output Current: 1.58A Wattage: 30 W Compatible devices: Laptop...

Tags: Acer Charger , Laptop Charger

Replacement 19V 1.58A 30W Acer Aspire One AO752H Series Laptop Adapter


  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19 V
  • Output Current: 1.58A
  • Wattage: 30 W
  • Compatible devices: Laptop
  • Connector: 5.5mm*1.7mm
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Product Dimensions: 21.34 x 14.48 x 3.81 cm
  • Weight: 311 Grams


ADP-30JH B, ADP-30JH BA, ADP-30JH BA LF, ADP-30LH, ADP-30LH B, AP.03001.001, AP.03003.001, AP.0300A.001, AP03003001832F, HP-A0301R3, LC.ADT00.006, LCADT00.06, PA-1300-04, PA-1300-04AC, PA-1300-04AC LF, PA-1300-04AF,AK.030AP.011,LT1006C,Aspire One AOA150-1140


A0531H-0BK    A0A150-BK      AO751H-1709 ASPIRE 1420P-232G16N

A0531H-1729  A0A150-BKDOM          AO751H-1745 ASPIRE 1810T-351G25N

A0751-BK23F   A0A150-BP      AO751H-52BGK           ASPIRE 1810T-353G25I

A0751-BW23   A0A150-BPDOM          AO752 ASPIRE 1810T-354G25N

A0751-BW26F A0A150-BWDOM        AO752-742B    ASPIRE 1810TZ-413G32N

A0751H-1080  A0A150XBLAU AO752H SERIES            ASPIRE 1810TZ-414G16N

A0751H-1170  A0D150-0BB    AO752H-742RG16       ASPIRE 1810TZ-414G50N

A0751H-1211  A0D150-0BR    AOA110-AGC  ASPIRE 1825PTZ-413G25N

A0751H-1273  A0D150-1125  AOA110-AP     ASPIRE 1825PTZ-413G32N

A0751H-1279  A0D150-1197  AOA110-BC     ASPIRE ONE 531H-0BR

A0751H-1328  A0D150-1358  AOA110-BP     ASPIRE ONE 533-23571

A0751H-1346  A0D150-1474  AOA110L BLAU            ASPIRE ONE 751-BK23

A0751H-1373  A0D150-1587  AOA110L WEISS           ASPIRE ONE 751-BK26F

A0751H-1392  A0D150-1606  AOA110X EDITION      ASPIRE ONE 751-BW26

A0751H-1504  A0D150-1669  AOA150-1532 ASPIRE ONE 751H-1383

A0751H-1524  A0D150-1736  AOA150-BBDOM         ASPIRE ONE 751H-1646

A0751H-1599  A0D150-1860  AOA150-BC1   ASPIRE ONE 751H-1808

A0751H-1640  A0D150-1BB    AOA150-BCDOM         ASPIRE ONE 751H-1948

A0751H-1745  A0D150-1BW   AOA150-BGC   ASPIRE ONE 751H-52BGB

A0751H-1885  A0D150-BK73  AOA150-BK     ASPIRE ONE 751H-52BGW

A0751H-1946  A0D150-BRDOM         AOA150-BP     ASPIRE ONE 752 SERIES

A0751H-1992  A0D250-0BB    AOA150L BLAU            ASPIRE ONE 752H SERIES

A0751H-52BB  A0D250-0BGR AOA150X WEISS          ASPIRE ONE 752H-742KG25

A0751H-52BGK           A0D250-0BR    AOD150-1366 ASPIRE ONE 756

A0751H-52BGR           A0D250-1026  AOD150-1474 ASPIRE ONE A110L SERIES

A0751H-52BK  A0D250-1065  AOD150-1736 ASPIRE ONE A110X

A0751H-52YB  A0D250-1070  AOD150-BB73 ASPIRE ONE A150-BBDOM

A0751H-52YW A0D250-1116  AOD150-BKDOM         ASPIRE ONE A150-BCDOM

A0A110-1295  A0D250-1132  AOD150-BW73            ASPIRE ONE A150-BKDOM

A0A110-1588  A0D250-1151  AOD250-0BGR ASPIRE ONE A150-BPDOM

A0A110-1626  A0D250-1173  AOD250-0BGW           ASPIRE ONE A150-BWDOM

A0A110-1698  A0D250-1233  AOD250-1065 ASPIRE ONE A150X

A0A110-1831  A0D250-1289  AOD250-1148 ASPIRE ONE A150X SERIES

A0A110-1982  A0D250-1326  AOD250-1284 ASPIRE ONE AOA110-1295 SERIES

A0A110-AGB   A0D250-1398  AOD250-1413 ASPIRE ONE AOA110-1722

A0A110-AGW  A0D250-1471  AOD250-1440 ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1001

A0A110-BB      A0D250-1585  AOD250-1471 ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1006 SERIES

A0A110-BGW  A0D250-1610  AOD250-1601 ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1570

A0A110LBLAU A0D250-1689  AOD250-1638 ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1777

A0A110X EDITION       A0D250-1696  AOD250-1821 ASPIRE ONE D150-0BB

A0A150-1029  A0D250-1724  AOD250-1983 ASPIRE ONE D150-0BK

A0A150-1049  A0D250-1727  AOD250-BB83F           ASPIRE ONE D150-0BR

A0A150-1068  A0D250-1739  AOD250-BP83 ASPIRE ONE D150-BK73

A0A150-1126  A0D250-1821  AOD250-BW83            ASPIRE ONE D150-BR73

A0A150-1140  A0D250-1920  AS1410-233G25N       ASPIRE ONE D150-BRDOM

A0A150-1172  A0D250-1962  AS1410-2762   ASPIRE ONE D150-BWDOM

A0A150-1316  A0D250-1990  AS1410-2920   ASPIRE ONE D250-1173

A0A150-1359  A0D250-1BK    AS1410-2990   ASPIRE ONE D250-1284

A0A150-1405  A0D250-BB83  AS1410-743G16N       ASPIRE ONE D250-1314

A0A150-1447  A0D250-BK83F            AS1410-8373   ASPIRE ONE D250-1585

A0A150-1493  A0D250-BR83  AS1410-BB22   ASPIRE ONE D250-1739

A0A150-1532  A0D250-BR83F            AS1410-WS22  ASPIRE ONE D250-1920

A0A150-1570  A0D250-BW83F           AS1420P-232G16N     ASPIRE ONE D250-1BK

A0A150-1635  A0P531H-0BK  AS1810T-352G25N      ASPIRE ONE D250-BB83

A0A150-1672  A150-BC          AS1810T-353G25N      ASPIRE ONE D250-BK83

A0A150-1679  AO531H-0BR   AS1810T-354G32N      ASPIRE ONE D250-BK83F

A0A150-1706  AO532H-2206 AS1810T-8750 ASPIRE ONE D250-BR83

A0A150-1742  AO532H-2575 AS1810TZ-4013           ASPIRE ONE D250-BR83F

A0A150-1784  AO532H-2727 AS1810TZ-411G25N    ASPIRE ONE D250-BW83F

A0A150-1813  AO532H-2DBBT           AS1810TZ-413G25N    ASPIRE ONE D270

A0A150-1887  AO532H-2DRBT           AS1810TZ-413G32N    ASPIRE ONE ZG5

A0A150-1920  AO751-BK23F  AS1810TZ-414G50N    ASPIRE TIMELINE 1820PTZ-734G32N

A0A150-1987  AO751-BW23  AS1825PTZ-413G32N  ASPIRE TIMELINE 1825 SERIES

A0A150-AP      AO751-BW26  ASPIRE 1410-233G25N            ASPIRE TIMELINE 1825PTZ-413G25N

A0A150-BB1    AO751-BW26F ASPIRE 1410-8373       ASPIRE TIMELINE 1825PTZ-414G32N

A0A150-BC1    AO751H-1061 ASPIRE 1410-BB22       TRAVELMATE 8132

A0A150-BGC   AO751H-1328 ASPIRE 1410-KK22       TRAVELMATE B113-M-323A4G32IKK

A0A150-BGW  AO751H-1599 ASPIRE 1410-WS22      TRAVELMATE B113-M-6825

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