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Replacement KI04 HP Pavilion 15-AB032TX, 15-AB027TX, 15-AB028TX, 15-AB series laptops 4 CELL notebook battery

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Description Replacement KI04 HP Pavilion 15-AB032TX, 15-AB027TX, 15-AB028TX, 15-AB series laptops 4 CELL notebook battery specification: ⦁ Battery Type: Li-ion⦁ Capacity:2670 mAh/ 41 Wh⦁ Voltage: 14.6 V or 14.8 V...



Replacement KI04 HP Pavilion 15-AB032TX, 15-AB027TX, 15-AB028TX, 15-AB series laptops 4 CELL notebook battery


⦁ Battery Type: Li-ion
⦁ Capacity:2670 mAh/ 41 Wh
⦁ Voltage: 14.6 V or 14.8 V or 15 V
⦁ Cell: 4 Cells

compatible part number:

⦁ TPN-Q160, TPN-Q161, TPN-Q162, TPN-Q163, 15-AK085NA, HSTNN-IB6X, 800009-121, 800009-141, 800009-221, 800009-241, 800009-251, 800009-421, 800009-541, 800010-421, 800049-001, 8000049-241, 8000049-141, 8000049-421, 800049-005, 800050-001, HSTNN-DB6T, HSTNN-LB6R, HSTNN-LB6S, HSTNN-LB6T, K104, K1O4, KI04, KI04041, KI04041-CL, KIO4, N2L84AA, N2L84AA-ABB, N2L84AA-UUF, TPN-Q158, TPN-Q159

compatible model:
Pavilion 14-ab002TU Pavilion 15-AB059NB Pavilion 15-AB212TU Pavilion 17-G015DX
Pavilion 14-ab010TX Pavilion 15-ab064nc Pavilion 15-AB213TX Pavilion 17-g019urDesktop PC 870-176d(Y0M48AA) Pavilion 15-ab058ur Pavilion 15-AB211UR
Pavilion 17-g008nl Pavilion 14-ab020TU Pavilion 15-ab064tx Pavilion 15-AB215TX Pavilion 17-G022UR Pavilion 14-ab028TX Pavilion 15-ab066ur Pavilion 15-AB217TU Pavilion 17-G030NZ Pavilion 14-ab044TX Pavilion 15-ab068tx(M4Y22PA) Pavilion 15-AB219UR Pavilion 17-G034DS Pavilion 14-ab058tx(P3C76PA) Pavilion 15-ab070na Pavilion 15-AB220NH Pavilion 17-G040NR
Pavilion 14-ab084CA Pavilion 15-ab071nb Pavilion 15-AB221NF Pavilion 17-G061UR
Pavilion 14-ab101TU Pavilion 15-ab080nd Pavilion 15-AB221UR Pavilion 17-g063ur
Pavilion 14-ab108TU Pavilion 15-ab084no Pavilion 15-AB223TU Pavilion 17-G101DX
Pavilion 14-ab114TX Pavilion 15-ab088tx Pavilion 15-ab226ne Pavilion 17-g102nl
Pavilion 14-ab122TX Pavilion 15-ab096tx Pavilion 15-AB226UR Pavilion 17-g104nk
Pavilion 14-ab130TX Pavilion 15-AB100NQ Pavilion 15-AB230NW Pavilion 17-g106na
Pavilion 14-ab136TX Pavilion 15-AB100TX Pavilion 15-AB233NL Pavilion 17-g108nc
Pavilion 14-ab143TX Pavilion 15-ab102ng Pavilion 15-AB236NE Pavilion 17-g111na
Pavilion 14-ab151TX Pavilion 15-AB102NP Pavilion 15-AB236TX Pavilion 17-g114nl
Pavilion 14-ab156la Pavilion 15-AB104NC Pavilion 15-AB239NL Pavilion 17-g120nz
Pavilion 14-ab171TX Pavilion 15-AB104TX Pavilion 15-AB241NF Pavilion 17-G121CY
Pavilion 14-AB182TX Pavilion 15-AB106NT Pavilion 15-AB242NG Pavilion 17-g126nd
Pavilion 15-AB000NIA Pavilion 15-AB110AU Pavilion 15-AB244UR Pavilion 17-G127DS
Pavilion 15-AB002NK Pavilion 15-AB110NA Pavilion 15-AB246NA Pavilion 17-G130DS
Pavilion 15-AB004NJ Pavilion 15-ab111tx(P3C78PA) Pavilion 15-AB249TX Pavilion 17-g131na Pavilion 15-AB005TU Pavilion 15-AB112TX Pavilion 15-AB251TX Pavilion 17-g132ng Pavilion 15-ab005ur Pavilion 15-AB115UR Pavilion 15-AB253CA 
Pavilion 15-AB006TX Pavilion 15-AB118NA Pavilion 15-AB257NF Pavilion 17-G140CY
Pavilion 15-AB008AX Pavilion 15-AB121CA Pavilion 15-AB261UR Pavilion 17-g149nf
Pavilion 15-AB010NJ Pavilion 15-AB124CY Pavilion 15-AB263TX Pavilion 17-G151CY
Pavilion 15-AB011AX Pavilion 15-AB125UR Pavilion 15-AB267NIA Pavilion 17-g152nm
Pavilion 15-AB011UR Pavilion 15-AB126UR Pavilion 15-AB273CA Pavilion 17-g155nc
Pavilion 15-AB015AU Pavilion 15-AB130NA Pavilion 15-AB283NR Pavilion 17-g158nl
Pavilion 15-ab017nx Pavilion 15-AB137AX Pavilion 15-AB290SA Pavilion 17-g159ur
Pavilion 15-AB017UR Pavilion 15-AB141NA Pavilion 15-AB292NIA Pavilion 17-g163ur
Pavilion 15-AB019NA Pavilion 15-AB143NO Pavilion 15-ab296TX Pavilion 17-g170nd
Pavilion 15-AB019TU Pavilion 15-AB146AX Pavilion 15-AB298TX Pavilion 17-g176nf
Pavilion 15-AB021NO Pavilion 15-AB151NM Pavilion 15-AB511NA 
Pavilion 15-AB024AX Pavilion 15-AB165US Pavilion 15-AB518TX Pavilion 17-g184nb
Pavilion 15-AB027TU Pavilion 15-AB182CY Pavilion 15-AB523TX Pavilion 17-G192NR
Pavilion 15-ab028na Pavilion 15-ab187no Pavilion 15-AB531TX Pavilion 17-G199NR
Pavilion 15-AB031AX Pavilion 15-AB194CY Pavilion 15-AB536NA Pavilion 17-G213CY
Pavilion 15-AB033UR Pavilion 15-AB200NM Pavilion 15-AB543TX Pavilion Gaming 15-AK002NC
Pavilion 15-ab035nc Pavilion 15-AB201NV Pavilion 15-AB550NZ Pavilion Gaming 15-AK006NC
Pavilion 15-AB035TU Pavilion 15-AB202NF Pavilion 15-AB565TX Pavilion Gaming 15-ak010NR
Pavilion 15-ab037nl Pavilion 15-AB202NX Pavilion 15-AB581TX Pavilion Gaming 15-ak025TX
Pavilion 15-AB040NL Pavilion 15-AB203NL Pavilion 15-AN000NK Pavilion Gaming 15-AK040ND
Pavilion 15-AB045TU Pavilion 15-AB205NA Pavilion 15-AN002NP Pavilion Gaming 15-AK056SA
Pavilion 15-ab050np Pavilion 15-AB206UR Pavilion 15-AN006TX Pavilion Gaming 15-ak100
Pavilion 15-AB050NT Pavilion 15-ab208nt Pavilion 15-AN067NR Pavilion Gaming 15-AK110NB
Pavilion 15-ab050nv Pavilion 15-AB208UR Pavilion 17-G006NO Pavilion Gaming 15-AK190NZ
Pavilion 15-ab054ng Pavilion 15-AB210TX Pavilion 17-G007NL Pavilion Notebook 14-ab059tx(P3C77PA)

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