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Replacement NP03XL HP Pavilion X360 13-A050NB, Envy 15-U170NZ TPN-Q146, TPN-Q147 Laptop Battery

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Description Replacement NP03XL HP Pavilion X360 13-A050NB, Envy 15-U170NZ TPN-Q146, TPN-Q147 Laptop Battery specification: ⦁ Battery Type: Li-ion⦁ Capacity:3800 mAh/ 43 Wh⦁ Voltage:11.4 V⦁ Cell: 3 Cells compatible part number:...



Replacement NP03XL HP Pavilion X360 13-A050NB, Envy 15-U170NZ TPN-Q146, TPN-Q147 Laptop Battery


⦁ Battery Type: Li-ion
⦁ Capacity:3800 mAh/ 43 Wh
⦁ Voltage:11.4 V
⦁ Cell: 3 Cells

compatible part number:

⦁ 760944-421, 760944-541, 761230-005, 767068-005, HSTNN-LB6L, NP03XL, TPN-Q146, TPN-Q147, TPN-Q148, TPN-Q149

compatible model:

Envy 15-U001XX Pavilion 13-A001AU Pavilion 13-A200NG Pavilion 13-B201TU
Envy 15-U070NB Pavilion 13-A001NA Pavilion 13-A200NS Pavilion 13-B202TU
Envy 15-u100ng Pavilion 13-A001NX Pavilion 13-A200NX Pavilion 13-B204TU
Envy 15-u100nt Pavilion 13-A002AU Pavilion 13-A201NIA Pavilion 13-B206TU
Envy 15-u101ne Pavilion 13-A002NL Pavilion 13-A201NP Pavilion 13-B208TU
Envy 15-u101nq Pavilion 13-A002NP Pavilion 13-A201NS Pavilion 13-B210TU
Envy 15-U101NS Pavilion 13-A002SI Pavilion 13-A201TU Pavilion 13-B212TU
Envy 15-U110DX Pavilion 13-A003NF Pavilion 13-A202NE Pavilion 13-B214TU
Envy 15-U111DX Pavilion 13-A004NE Pavilion 13-A202NJ Pavilion 13-B216TU
Envy 15-U170NZ Pavilion 13-A005NF Pavilion 13-A203NA Pavilion 13-B217TU
Envy 15-u171nz Pavilion 13-A007NA Pavilion 13-A203NI Pavilion 13-B219TU
Envy 15-u200na Pavilion 13-A008NE Pavilion 13-A204NIA Pavilion 13-B220NO
Envy 15-u200ne Pavilion 13-A010NR Pavilion 13-A205NE Pavilion 13-B221NO
Envy 15-u200nq Pavilion 13-A012CL Pavilion 13-A205NI Pavilion 13-B222TU
Envy 15-u200nu Pavilion 13-A012DX Pavilion 13-A206NE Pavilion 13-B224TU
Envy 15-u201nc Pavilion 13-A019WM Pavilion 13-A220NO Pavilion 13-B226TU
Envy 15-u201nia Pavilion 13-A020ND Pavilion 13-A221ND Pavilion 13-B228TU
Envy 15-u202na Pavilion 13-A021NR Pavilion 13-A230NO Pavilion 13-B229TU
Envy 15-u202nf Pavilion 13-A040NW Pavilion 13-A233CA Pavilion 13-B230NZ
Envy 15-u202nia Pavilion 13-A041CA Pavilion 13-A250NC Pavilion 13-B231TU
Envy 15-u203nk Pavilion 13-A050CA Pavilion 13-A251NC Pavilion 13-B281NO
Envy 15-u209nx Pavilion 13-A050NB Pavilion 13-A251UR Pavilion X360 13-a000ng
Envy 15-u210nw Pavilion 13-A050SQ Pavilion 13-A252UR Pavilion X360 13-a000ng (J1R39EA) Envy 15-u211nw Pavilion 13-A051ER Pavilion 13-A267NB Pavilion X360 13-A000NL Envy 15-u221nw Pavilion 13-A051NR Pavilion 13-A290ND Pavilion X360 13-A004AU Envy 15-u231nd Pavilion 13-A051XX Pavilion 13-A317CL Pavilion X360 13-A010LA  Pavilion 13-A068CA Pavilion 13-B000NK Pavilion X360 13-A020ND
Envy 15-u250ur Pavilion 13-A072NR Pavilion 13-b000no Pavilion X360 13-A030ND
Envy 15-u252na Pavilion 13-A080SA Pavilion 13-B001NP Pavilion X360 13-A050NB
Envy 15-u270nb Pavilion 13-A087NO Pavilion 13-B010NC Pavilion X360 13-A051SR
Envy 15-u280nb Pavilion 13-A089NO Pavilion 13-B080NO Pavilion X360 13-A058CA
Envy 15-u287nb Pavilion 13-A090SA Pavilion 13-b100 Pavilion X360 13-A080NA
Envy 15-U310NR Pavilion 13-A092NA Pavilion 13-b100np Pavilion X360 13-A087NO
Envy 15-U363CL Pavilion 13-A093SA Pavilion 13-b101nt Pavilion X360 13-A089NO
Envy 15-U437CL Pavilion 13-A100NE Pavilion 13-B101TU Pavilion X360 13-A092SA
Envy 15-U483CL Pavilion 13-A100NH Pavilion 13-B103TU Pavilion X360 13-A100NE
Envy X360 15-U100NG Pavilion 13-A100NO Pavilion 13-b104tu Pavilion X360 13-a100ng Envy X360 15-U100NR Pavilion 13-A100NQ Pavilion 13-b105tu Pavilion X360 13-A100NO Envy X360 15-U100NX Pavilion 13-A100NX Pavilion 13-b107tu Pavilion X360 13-A103NA Envy X360 15-U101NQ Pavilion 13-A101NE Pavilion 13-b108tu Pavilion X360 13-A105NX Envy X360 15-U101NX Pavilion 13-A103NA Pavilion 13-B112TU Pavilion X360 13-A133CA Envy X360 15-U200NA Pavilion 13-A103NX
Pavilion 13-B113TU Pavilion X360 13-A150NC
Envy X360 15-U201NQ Pavilion 13-A105NL Pavilion 13-B115TU Pavilion X360 13-A151NC Envy X360 15-U202NA Pavilion 13-A107NF Pavilion 13-B117TU Pavilion X360 13-a173ng Envy X360 15-U205NA Pavilion 13-A110DX Pavilion 13-B119TU Pavilion X360 13-a173ng( K5E91EA) Envy X360 15-U210NX Pavilion 13-A120LA Pavilion 13-B122TU Pavilion X360 13-A186NO Envy X360 15-U231NO Pavilion 13-A136NZ Pavilion 13-B124TU Pavilion X360 13-a200ng(L0M49EA) Envy X360 15-U240ND Pavilion 13-A150NR Pavilion 13-B126TU Pavilion X360 13-A200NS
Envy X360 15-U252SA Pavilion 13-A151NR Pavilion 13-B128TU Pavilion X360 13-A200NW Pavilion 13-A000NA Pavilion 13-A155CL Pavilion 13-B129TU Pavilion X360 13-A201NIA Pavilion 13-A000NE Pavilion 13-A173NG Pavilion 13-B131TU Pavilion X360 13-A202NE Pavilion 13-A000NIA Pavilion 13-A175NR Pavilion 13-b200 Pavilion X360 13-A206NE Pavilion 13-A000NL Pavilion 13-A186NO Pavilion 13-B200NK Pavilion X360 13-B105TU Pavilion 13-A000NO Pavilion 13-A188NO Pavilion 13-B200NW Pavilion X360 13-B107TU Pavilion 13-A000SI Pavilion 13-B110TUI

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