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Toshiba Portege M300, M305, M800 Series, PA3635U-1BRM Laptop Battery

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  • Warranty 

    6 Month Warranty for our batteries products.


    We use the highest quality lithium-polymer batteries that charge faster and last longer.
    The High quality laptop battery operates above 600 charge-discharge cycle. Our batteries are made up of high-grade cells and highest quality parts that are safe for your device. Higher quality cells mean they charge faster and last longer. Our battery perfectly fits in your device also it is compatible replacement for size and appearance. The battery has passed quality check procedures including safety testing. We offer the best quality in competitive price rates for the replacement batteries.

  • About this Battery
  • 1. Before normal use of the new battery, discharge the capacity to about 10%, then fill the cycle 3-4 times. Be careful not to discharge to 0%. This will make the battery more fragile.

    2. When using the battery, recharge it immediately when it runs out. If you do not charge the battery for a long time, the battery may be damaged, so be careful with exposure and moisture.

    3. Do not disassemble, crush or puncture the battery. Do not throw the battery into fire or water.

    4. If you do not use the battery for a long time, you need to charge it 70% or more and store it, the storage period should not exceed 3 months, and if you do not use it for more than 3 months, you need to fill the power.

  • Disclaimer
  • Disclaimer:

    1. The batteries and charger sold by our company are replacements, which can be used with certain products of computer manufacturers.

    2. Any referenced product names, Images or trademarks of such companies is merely for the purpose of identifying the match between our batteries and their machines.

    3. Our company and this website are not affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributed by these original computer manufacturers, nor are these products (replacement) in our website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of any of such manufacturers.

    Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
    Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles over.



    Toshiba SATELLITE L650, Satellite Pro 650, Satellite C660, Satellite C660-00J, Satellite C660-01C, Satellite C660-01D, Satellite C660-01M, Satellite C660-02L, Satellite C660-03C, Satellite C660-100, Satellite C660-103, Satellite C660-104, Satellite C660-106, Satellite C660-107, Satellite C660-108, Satellite C660-10C, Satellite C660-10D, Satellite C660-10E, Satellite C660-10H, Satellite C660-10L, Satellite C660-10T, Satellite C660-10U, Satellite C660-10V, Satellite C660-10W, Satellite C660-10X, Satellite C660-114, Satellite C660-115, Satellite C660-116, Satellite C660-117, Satellite C660-118, Satellite C660-119, Satellite C660-11D, Satellite C660-11E, Satellite C660-11G, Satellite C660-11H, Satellite C660-11J, Satellite C660-11K, Satellite C660-11L, Satellite C660-11M, Satellite C660-11P, Satellite C660-11Q, Satellite C660-11R, Satellite C660-11T, Satellite C660-11U, Satellite C660-11V, Satellite C660-11W, Satellite C660-11X, Satellite C660-11Z, Satellite C660-120, Satellite C660-121, Satellite C660-122, Satellite C660-123, Satellite C660-124, Satellite C660-125, Satellite C660-127, Satellite C660-12D, Satellite C660-12E, Satellite C660-12G, Satellite C660-12H, Satellite C660-12J, Satellite C660-12L, Satellite C660-12M, Satellite C660-12N, Satellite C660-12P, Satellite C660-12R, Satellite C660-12T, Satellite C660-12U, Satellite C660-12V, Satellite C660-12X, Satellite C660-12Z, Satellite C660-131, Satellite C660-132, Satellite C660-133, Satellite C660-137, Satellite C660-138, Satellite C660-139, Satellite C660-13F, Satellite C660-13Q, Satellite C660-13R, Satellite C660-13X, Satellite C660-14C, Satellite C660-14G, Satellite C660-14H, Satellite C660-14J, Satellite C660-14K, Satellite C660-14L, Satellite C660-14M, Satellite C660-14T, Satellite C660-14W, Satellite C660-14X, Satellite C660-154, Satellite C660-155, Satellite C660-156, Satellite C660-158, Satellite C660-15G, Satellite C660-15K, Satellite C660-15L, Satellite C660-15N, Satellite C660-15R, Satellite C660-15T, Satellite C660-15Z, Satellite C660-162, Satellite C660-168, Satellite C660-169, Satellite C660-16C, Satellite C660-16D, Satellite C660-16G, Satellite C660-16Z, Satellite C660-170, Satellite C660-172, Satellite C660-173, Satellite C660-174, Satellite C660-17E, Satellite C660-17G, Satellite C660-17H, Satellite C660-17J, Satellite C660-17K, Satellite C660-17L, Satellite C660-17N, Satellite C660-17U, Satellite C660-17V, Satellite C660-17W, Satellite C660-17X, Satellite C660-180, Satellite C660-181, Satellite C660-182, Satellite C660-184, Satellite C660-187, Satellite C660-189, Satellite C660-18C, Satellite C660-195, Satellite C660-196, Satellite C660-198, Satellite C660-199, Satellite C660-19C, Satellite C660-19E, Satellite C660-19G, Satellite C660-19K, 

    We offer the best price for Toshiba Portege M300, M305, M800 Series, PA3635U-1BRM Laptop Battery in UAE.

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CX/48F, Dynabook CX/48G, Dynabook CX/48H, Dynabook SS M52 220C/3W, Dynabook SS M52 253E/3WToshiba Equium U400 SeriesEquium U400 Series, Equium U400-124, Equium U400-145, Equium U400-146Toshiba Portege M800 SeriesPortege M800, Portege M800 Series, Portege M800-101, Portege M800-105, Portege M800-106, Portege M800-10A, Portege M800-10C, Portege M800-10D, Portege M800-10N, Portege M800-10V, Portege M800-10W, Portege M800-113, Portege M800-116, Portege M800-701, Portege M801, Portege M802, Portege M803, Portege M805, Portege M806, Portege M807, Portege M808, Portege M810, Portege M819, Portege M820, Portege M821, Portege M822, Portege M823, Portege M825, Portege M830Toshiba Satellite L310 SeriesSatellite L310, Satellite L310 Series, Satellite L311, Satellite L312, Satellite L315, Satellite L317, Satellite L322, Satellite L323, Satellite L515 Series, Satellite L515D SeriesToshiba Satellite L510 SeriesSatellite L510, Satellite L510-015Toshiba Satellite L515 SeriesSatellite L515-S4925, Satellite L515-S4928Toshiba Satellite M300 SeriesSatellite M300 Series, Satellite M300-600, Satellite M300-700-R, Satellite M300-900, Satellite M300-J00, Satellite M300-ST3401, Satellite M300-ST3402, Satellite M300-ST3403, Satellite M300-ST4060Toshiba Satellite M305 SeriesSatellite M305 Series, Satellite M305-S4815, Satellite M305-S4819, Satellite M305-S4820, Satellite M305-S4822, Satellite M305-S4826, Satellite M305-S4835, Satellite M305-S4848, Satellite M305-S4860, Satellite M305-S49052, Satellite M305-S4907, Satellite M305-S4910, Satellite M305-S4915, Satellite M305-S4920, Satellite M305-S49201, Satellite M305-S4991E, Satellite M305D Series, Satellite M305D-S4828, Satellite M305D-S4829, Satellite M305D-S4830, Satellite M305D-S4831, Satellite M305D-S4833, Satellite M305D-S48331, Satellite M305D-S4840, Satellite M305D-S4844, Satellite M305D-S48441Toshiba Satellite M500 SeriesSatellite M500 Series, Satellite M500-ST5401, Satellite M500-ST6421, Satellite M505 Series, Satellite M505D SeriesToshiba Satellite M505 SeriesSatellite M505-S4940, Satellite M505-S4945, Satellite M505-S4947, Satellite M505-S4949, Satellite M505D-S4930Toshiba Satellite Pro M300 SeriesSatellite Pro M300 Series, Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001V, Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001X, Satellite Pro M300-S1002V, Satellite Pro M300-S1002XToshiba Satellite Pro U400 SeriesSatellite Pro U400, Satellite Pro U400 Series, Satellite Pro U400-10H, Satellite Pro U400-114, Satellite Pro U400-11O, Satellite Pro U400-11V, Satellite Pro U400-122, Satellite Pro U400-123, Satellite Pro U400-126, Satellite Pro U400-127, Satellite Pro U400-12F, Satellite Pro U400-12Y, Satellite Pro U400-130, Satellite Pro U400-13A, Satellite Pro U400-13D, Satellite Pro U400-13O, Satellite Pro U400-142, Satellite Pro U400-153, Satellite Pro U400-15I, Satellite Pro U400-15Q, Satellite Pro U400-18S, Satellite Pro U400-S1001V, Satellite Pro U400-S1001X, Satellite Pro U400-S1301Toshiba Satellite Pro U500 SeriesSatellite Pro U500, Satellite Pro U500-EZ1311Toshiba Satellite SeriesSatellite M301, Satellite M302, Satellite M306, Satellite M307, Satellite M308, Satellite M310, Satellite M311, Satellite M319, Satellite M320, Satellite M321, Satellite M323, Satellite M325, Satellite M326, Satellite M327, Satellite M328, Satellite M330, Satellite M331, Satellite M332, Satellite M333, Satellite M336, Satellite M338, Satellite M339Toshiba Satellite U400 SeriesSatellite U400 Series, Satellite U400-108, Satellite U400-10I, Satellite U400-10J, Satellite U400-10L, Satellite U400-10M, Satellite U400-10N, Satellite U400-10O, Satellite U400-10T, Satellite U400-112, Satellite U400-11L, Satellite U400-11Q, Satellite U400-11T, Satellite U400-12P, Satellite U400-12R, Satellite U400-134, Satellite U400-13T, Satellite U400-144, Satellite U400-14B, Satellite U400-14M, Satellite U400-14P, Satellite U400-15B, Satellite U400-15E, Satellite U400-15G, Satellite U400-17H, Satellite U400-C01, Satellite U400-ST3301, Satellite U400-ST3302, Satellite U400-ST5404, Satellite U400-ST6301Toshiba Satellite U405 SeriesSatellite U405 Series, Satellite U405-S2817, Satellite U405-S2820, Satellite U405-S2824, Satellite U405-S2826, Satellite U405-S2830, Satellite U405-S2833, Satellite U405-S2854, Satellite U405-S2856, Satellite U405-S2878, Satellite U405-S2882, Satellite U405-S2911, Satellite U405-S2915, Satellite U405-S29151, Satellite U405-S2918, Satellite U405-S2920, Satellite U405-ST550WToshiba Satellite U405d SeriesSatellite U405D Series, Satellite U405D-S2846, Satellite U405D-S2848, Satellite U405D-S2850, Satellite U405D-S2852, Satellite U405D-S2863, Satellite U405D-S2870, Satellite U405D-S2874, Satellite U405D-S2902, Satellite U405D-S2910Toshiba Satellite U500 SeriesSatellite U500-10U, Satellite U500-10X, Satellite U500-10Z, Satellite U500-11G, Satellite U500-ST5302, Satellite U500-ST6321Toshiba Satellite U505 SeriesSatellite U505-S2925BN, Satellite U505-S2925P, Satellite U505-S2925W, Satellite U505-S2930, Satellite U505-S2935, Satellite U505-S2940Toshiba Satellite L510 SeriesSTATELLITE L510Toshiba Satellite U500 SeriesSatellite U500 Series, Satellite U505 Series

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